Book Review

‘Lady Lost’ by Jane Goodger

ll-jgSTORY: Seek, and love will find…

All Marcus Granton wants is to be left alone to lick his wounds after the humiliating scandal of his wife’s death in another man’s bed. Secluded in his moldering seaside estate on the cliffs of the Black Sea, he suddenly finds himself host to Lady Lilian Martin, one small child, and an annoying cache of servants all bent on ruining his solitude. Seems the lady got herself into a bit of a pickle and is accused of murder, of all things. Now she must rely on him for protection—and to keep his thoughts and hands away from her delectable body.

Lilian has no intention of spending any more time with the insufferable Lord Marcus Granton than she has to. But at every turn, circumstances force her into his company, and by the time she truly makes her escape, it’s far too late for her…and her heart.

REVIEW: Miss Lilian Martin, age 18, is the daughter of a deceased Earl and her mother is a Countess. She is attending the Barrington summer party along with her mother and her younger sister, Theresa. It is the end of her first season and the girls and their mother are preparing to return to their rundown manor home in Cornwall.

The Duke of Weston appears to have set his cap for Lilian but she does not care for him at all. Sadly, her mother is not well and she knows she will probably die soon. Her mother’s wish is that Lilian find a husband to care for herself and her sister. The girls will have a substantial inheritance from their grandmother when they turn 25, but that is a number of years away.

But Lilian sees a man who makes her swoon. He is Marcus (Marc) Dunford, Lord Granton but – oh dear – he is married.

The Duke tries to charm Theresa to impress Lilian but when she catches him acting inappropriately toward Theresa, she is shocked. However, the Duke marries Theresa and after the girls’ mother dies, Lilian has no choice but to live with Theresa and her husband.

When the Duke ends up shot, Lilian is the murder suspect, so she flees with just the clothes on her back.

Marc Dunford is now a widower. His wife, Eleanor, had cheated on him numerous times and died in another man’s bed. As he is returning from a trip, his driver happens upon a woman in the road and accidentally hits her. Putting the unconscious woman in his carriage, he takes her to his home, Merdunoir. The woman is Lilian.

The following morning, a woman presents herself at Marc’s door with a little girl saying the chid is his. It turns out that the child’s parents were his wife and one of her lovers. Her name is Mabel and Marc agrees to keep her as legally she is his child.

Mabel and Lilian become friends. While Marc is a sullen man and doesn’t like people around him, he finds himself challenged with a little girl and a cheerful woman in his home.

What will this grouchy man do now?

This story is delightful. While I wanted to shake Marc, I found that the author created the perfect character in Lilian. What a woman she is. Come enjoy this sweet story. Well done, Jane Goodger.

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher

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