Book Review

‘The Advent of Lady Madeline’ by Pamela Sherwood

taolm-psSTORY: Responsible, level-headed, and invariably good-humored, Hugo Lowell, Viscount Saxby, has his plans for Christmas—and his future—all mapped out. Until a surprise invitation lands him at the country estate of Harold Lyons, the rich and powerful Duke of Whitborough.

Drawn into his host’s charming, often contentious family circle, Hugo finds himself matching wits and words with the Duke’s eldest daughter, Lady Madeline. Striking, clever, and as sharp-tongued as she is sharp-witted, Madeline is the polar opposite of the placid, proper beauty Hugo intends to marry. So why can’t he get her out of his mind? And how is it that she can persuade him to attempt things he’s never tried before? As Advent yields to Christmas, Hugo’s future becomes far less predictable…and infinitely more exciting.

REVIEW: Buckinghamshire, December 1879

Hugo Lowell, Viscount Saxby is being begged by his sister, Charlotte (Charley) to attend a house party at the Whitboroughs. As she is expecting a baby, she will not be able to go. However, she wants Hugo to go with her husband, Robert Branscome, as she is especially keen for have her husband get some investment advice from Whitborough as his head for good business has earned him the nickname, “The Golden Duke.” In addition Hugo and Charley’s younger brother, Wilf, has been invited as a guest of Lord Dunforth, Whitborough’s son. Thus, Hugo is also needed to help keep an eye on his brother. Hugo also plans after this house party to go to Earl Clement’s for Christmas as he pursues Lady Althea Clement. Charley is secretly hoping that Hugo marries someone with a more lively spirit than what Althea possesses.

Danforth Castle, Yorkshire – December 1879

Lady Madeline (Maddie) Lyons, age 23, is dressed to attend her family’s house party. Her younger sister, Elaine age 16, is anxious to be out of the schoolroom so she can attend more parties. Maddie is determined to try and find a husband even though she has already turned down other proposals.

As the party commences, Maddie and Hugo find they have a lot in common. They decide to put on a Shakespeare play especially since the weather has turned rainy. Much work and practice is put into the play which turns out to be quite a success. As they spend more time together, a spark is ignited that turns into love for them.

But what about Lady Althea Clement? She is expecting Hugo at her family’s home for Christmas.

This book started off with a promising story then became all about the Shakespeare play. That is when I totally lost interest in the book but forced myself to finish it.

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher

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