Book Review

‘A Rogue to Avoid’ by Bianca Blythe

arta-bbSTORY: A Scottish scoundrel…
Gerard Highgate, Marquess of Rockport and the ton’s most aloof rake, knows better than to wed an Englishwoman, especially one as prickly as Lady Cordelia. But when his mother dies and he finds himself saddled with her debts, he needs a wife and he needs one fast.

An exacting Englishwoman…
Lady Cordelia knows that hastiness in husband hunting leads to mistakes. But when she visits an aristocrat to warn that his life might be in danger, he misinterprets her suggestion to flee to Scotland.

An unexpected elopement…
Most elopements are born of love, not misunderstanding. Cordelia and Gerard have already broken that rule, but perhaps they can still make their marriage one of love.

REVIEW: 1816

Gerard Highgate Marquess of Rockport of Scotland, is incensed to find himself listed as one of the Top Ten Rogues to Adore as published in the periodical, “Matchmaking for Wallflowers.” As he is a man who enjoys his privacy and his single life, he responds to them with disdain only to be further taunted by them. In retaliation, Gerard replies that he knows that Lady Cordelia Haywood, daughter of the Duke of Belmont, writes for this “anonymous” periodical. He continues by extolling her deficiencies which causes Lady Cordelia to be removed from the group of contributors and Gerard to be removed from the Rogues to Adore list as he is now considered to be one to avoid.

Yorkshire – 1817

Lady Cordelia Haywood is attending a ball where she is finding hard despite her beauty, no one is asking her to dance She then realizes that some of the men, and even the wallflowers, are talking about her! It appears that she too has become a wallflower.

Gerard Highgate is enjoying an early evening ride through the park when he is rudely interrupted by Huxby Oggleton saying he owes money. It appears that his late mother had run up many bills and that money is owed to the Duke of Belmonte, the father of Lady Cordelia whom he had besmirched. Oggleton is a mean man who would harm Gerard. Fleeing from the man, Gerard runs into a home where a ball is going on. To hide rom the man after him, he grabs up Lady Cordelia to dance with her. When they realize whom the other is, they are not impressed.

Gerard is determined to get his mother’s debts paid off right away. As he has exhausted every other idea to raise the funds, he realizes he will just have to marry a wealthy woman and the best way is to choose a wallflower. When Lady Cordelia Belmonte comes to mind, he is at first adamently opposed to the idea, but concedes that he has no other choice and thinks that theirs could be a marriage of convenience. Little does he think that she will turn him down.

Is there a chance for two people who are so opposed to one another to be wed? Will Gerard find a way to pay off his mother’s debts, and why does Lady Cordelia’s father own his mother’s debts?

A clever story that gets a bit complicated at times but enjoyable nevertheless. I’m sure if I had read the other books in the series, I would understand the characters more.

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher

Connie for b2b


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