Book Review

‘The Earl of Ice’ by Helen A. Grant

eoi-hagSTORY: Rollo Stannington, the Earl of Brockwood, is considered a wonderful catch by the mamas of the ton. He is young, handsome and extremely wealthy. What mother can resist having him as a son-in-law? If only their daughters didn’t pale and tremble in his presence and beat a hasty retreat as soon as they could! Rollo, nicknamed “The Earl of Ice” because of his frigid demeanor, welcomes this reaction. He has no intention of marrying. Ever.

Dianna Wells, a young debutante, is immune to Rollo’s coldness. Where other ladies stand tongue tied before him, she chats gaily and comfortably with him. She even enjoys dancing with him. No one knows that Rollo and Diana share a devastating secret. One that draws them together yet will ultimately test their growing attraction to each other…

REVIEW: The best thing about this romance is its hero and heroine. They were extremely well written and drawn. The plot was a bit predictable, but in no way did it make me enjoy the story less.

Rollo, the Earl of Brockwood has perfected the demeanor of a man so cold and unaffected by anything or anyone, that the society names him earl of ice. However, he is anything but cold, and our heroine knows exactly why he’s hiding behind that mask of indifference.

And then we have our heroine, Dianna. What a generous, sweet and charming young woman she is. She was one of those characters we all should aspire to be. Honorable and patient to a fault!

‘The Earl of Ice’ is a sweet romance with much to recommend itself. If you’re into romance with authentic regency flair with a slew of lighthearted moments and witty dialogue, this is it. I loved it.

Melanie for b2b


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