Book Review

‘Breton Wolf’ by Victoria Vane

bw-vvSTORY: She swore to defy him to her dying breath… But passion blurs the line between love and hate…

The bluest blood and the hardest heart… at least when it comes to marriage… The daughter of a duke and granddaughter of a king, Adele of Vannes was bartered at birth in a marriage treaty for the sole purpose of producing a royal heir. When her philandering husband is slain by Norse marauders, she is coerced to wed again in order to protect her home and her people. Adele knows that her beloved Brittany needs a strong hand to survive, but how can she ever reconcile her bitterness and hatred with the desire she feels for her mortal enemy?

She’s the jewel he seeks for his Breton crown…A Barbarian bent on building a dynasty, Valdrik Vargr, ‘the Norse Wolf,’ is renowned for both his bravery in battle and shrewdness in statecraft. Setting his sights on claiming the kingdom of Brittany, he knows that siring sons from royal blood would solidify his hold, but the woman he would claim as his queen refuses to have him. Will he fuel her hatred by taking her to his bed, or will the man who strikes terror in the hearts of men be reduced to wooing his bride? 

REVIEW: It’s no secret that I love Ms. Vane’s historical novels and finding out that she’d penned a Viking Medieval story was as much a surprise as delight to someone that is a huge fan of the Vikings series on History channel.

I must say that this story was action filled from start to finish, and despite the complexity of the politics of the two peoples, I truly enjoyed it. My enjoyment was tripled as Ms. Vane had went all out in creating the world and the characters that rang true throughout the story.

Adele was a true and devoted lady of her time, forced to wed a man who raped her on their wedding night, and never failed to humiliate her in front of their people. However, her submission to him only made her grow more strong and when his demise finally sets her free of him, she finds that she’s now become a “spoils” of the war.

When Valdrik, The Norse Wolf, is given a chance to claim the Kingdom in Brittany, he takes it because he knows that chances like that are rare, but in order to do that, he must fight a man and wed his wife.

If you’re a fan of the genre, you’ll love this story because it is well researched and told in such a way that you’ll fall in love with a world we hardly ever hear about these days. Highly recommended!

Melanie for b2b

Complimentary copy provided by the author

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