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‘The Earl’s Unforgettable Flame’ by Charlotte Stone

euf csSTORY: Benjamin Frederickson, the future Earl of Wembley, can’t forget that night… The night that changed him…
More importantly, he can’t forget that brave little girl who was scarred from the horrible fire.

Catherine Watson.

The night young Benjamin Frederickson met the victim of a house fire, he has remembered it all of his life… Her spirit has lingered in his memory for years.
Even through his days of rebelling against his father, The Earl of Wembley, as he drinks, gambles, and womanizes.

But when he meets the beautiful Catherine Watson again, still scarred from that fire so many years later, he is enchanted.
But can a woman so remarkable remember a boy she met briefly years ago?

Catherine, however, is less than impressed!
Considering herself disfigured and resigned to the idea that she will never marry, she sees his advances as a cruel a joke at her expense.

Will Catherine let the past dictate her future?
Will Benjamin give up and let her go?

REVIEW: Pritchford, Yorkshire

Catherine Watson, age 8, has awakened to find her home on fire and her little sister, Jane, crying in the nursery. Even though flames are all around her, Catherine tries to get to her sister only to pass out. She she awakes later, she is in terrible pain from some terrible burns she has suffered. No one knows how she managed to get out of the house on her own. Her sister and the rest of the family is safe.

Benjamin Frederickson is the son of the Earl of Wembley. He and his father arrive at the scene and Benjamin is amazed at the bravery of young Catherine and how she managed to escape the fire that totally destroyed her home. He has always been encouraged by this father to be a man who cares about the land and the people.

Ten Years Later

Benjamin is now home from Oxford and remembers his father lecturing him on his responsibilities to the estate. He and his twin sister, Julia, are so different in that he is very sensitive and she is more matter-of-fact.

When Benjamin sees Catherine again, he notices her scars but remembers her incredible bravery on the night she was injured. When he questions her as to why she does not wish to have a Season in London, she is incensed at his insensitivity. Catherine is very self-conscious about her scars and does not wish to be where people can see her and stare. But Benjamin sees only the lovely young woman she has turned out to be.

As they see one another more, Benjamin asks for her hand only to be turned down. She feels that with her scarred body she would not be a good Countess for him.

Is there a way that Benjamin can convince Catherine that her life matters and he wants to share his life with her?

This was a sweet, clean romance that proves that people should be accepted for who they are inside.

I look forward to reading more books by this author.

Complimentary copy provided by the author

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