Book Review

‘Results May Vary’ by Bethany Chase

rmv bcSTORY: She never saw it coming. Without even a shiver of suspicion to warn her, Caroline Hammond discovers that her husband is having an affair with a man—a revelation that forces her to question their entire history together, from their early days as high school sweethearts through their ten years as a happily married couple.

In her now upside-down world, Caroline begins envisioning her life without the relationship that has defined it: the loneliness of being an “I” instead of a “we”; the rekindled yet tenuous closeness with her younger sister; and the unexpected—and potentially disastrous—attraction she can’t get off her mind.

Caroline always thought she knew her own love story, but as her husband’s other secrets emerge, she must decide whether that story’s ending will mean forgiving the man she’s loved for half her life, or facing her future without him.

REVIEW: Caroline is meeting up with her husband, Adam, for the opening of a new artist, Patrick, at a gallery in New York City. Caroline is a curator for a museum in Massachusetts. The artist is a gay man who has taken some photos of himself with other men. When Caroline realizes that Adam is one of the men in a photo, she is totally shocked and devastated. They had been in love since they were teenagers and have been married for a number of years.

Although Adam begs for forgiveness, Caroline cannot bring herself to forgive him and their marriage appears to be headed for divorce. We follow her as she slowly comes to terms with what has happened and starts to open up to dating.

She soon begins a relationship with her co-worker who is a widower with two young daughters. They are good together but they are both still hurting over the loss of their mates.

Caroline’s younger sister, Ruby, comes to stay with her as she is between jobs. Ruby is an out-going, devil-may-care type of person. While they are different personalities, they are still sisters and their time together brings them closer.

Will Caroline be able to forgive Adam and keep their marriage? Is he gay or bisexual? When does one know when a relationship is truly over?

The story here is good. I liked the characters but Caroline tended to grate on me. Yes. She has been hurt and disillusioned. But her jumping right into a relationship with her co-worker was certainly premature. I think as much as she loved Adam and he kept begging to talk to her and see if they could work things out, she should have agreed. I think she needed to talk things out with Adam and not every other person she could find to rehash things.

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher

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