Book Review

‘Belgravia’ by Julian Fellowes

b jfSTORY: Julian Fellowes’s Belgravia is the story of a secret. A secret that unravels behind the porticoed doors of London’s grandest postcode.

Set in the 1840s when the upper echelons of society began to rub shoulders with the emerging industrial nouveau riche, Belgravia is peopled by a rich cast of characters. But the story begins on the eve of the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

At the Duchess of Richmond’s new legendary ball, one family’s life will change forever.

REVIEW: Brussels – June 1815

Sophie Trenchard, 18, is observing people preparing to head to war. Sophie and her parents have been invited to a ball at the home of the Duchess of Richmond. Sophie’s mother, Anne, is reminding her that as they are not socially as high as the Richmonds, she must not get her hopes up of attracting a wealthy, titled man. Sophie’s friend, Lord Bellasis, got them tickets for the ball. He is the nephew of the Duchess of Richmond. While she is quite taken with him, she fears that there could never be a future for them due to their class differences.

Sophie’s father, Mr. James Trenchard, is a sharp businessman who has impressed the Duke of Wellington with his ability to acquire necessary supplies that are needed for the soldiers yet hard to find. James is an ambitious man set on breaking through the class barriers.

The Duke and Duchess of Richmond are staying in Brussels as a cost-cutting measure and to show solidarity with the Duke of Wellington. It is soon learned that Napoleon has just escaped his exile at Elba. Soldiers and other men leave straight from the ball to enter the Battle of Waterloo.

London – 1841

Anne Trenchard has arrived at the home of The Countess of Brockenhurst. James and Anne Trenchard are very wealthy and live in a lovely home in the beautiful area of Belgravia. However,there is still that class difference and Anne sees that often. While they live in a luxurious home, some in Society still look down on them.

This story follows the Brockenhurst and Trenchard families and how they inevitably become intertwined. Secrets long hidden will soon come out when a young man called Charles Pope enters the scene.

I absolutely loved this book. It is totally delightful and true to the time period. I highly recommend it especially for those readers who love Downton Abbey. You will be turning these pages becoming more and more enthralled.

Connie for b2b


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