Book Review

‘The Legend of Lyon Redmond’ by Julie Anne Long

tlolr jalSTORY: Bound by centuries of bad blood, England’s two most powerful families maintain a veneer of civility…until the heir to the staggering Redmond fortune disappears, reviving rumors of an ancient curse: a Redmond and an Eversea are destined to fall disastrously in love once per generation.

An enduring legend

Rumor has it she broke Lyon Redmond’s heart. But while many a man has since wooed the dazzling Olivia Eversea, none has ever won her—which is why jaws drop when she suddenly accepts a viscount’s proposal. Now London waits with bated breath for the wedding of a decade…and wagers on the return of an heir.

An eternal love

It was instant and irresistible, forbidden…and unforgettable. And Lyon—now a driven, dangerous, infinitely devastating man—decides it’s time for a reckoning. As the day of her wedding races toward them, Lyon and Olivia will decide whether their love is a curse destined to tear their families part…or the stuff of which legends are made.

REVIEW: Let me start this review by giving some authors my unsolicited advice about the length of their series.

If you’re writing a series, knowingly or unknowingly, keep extending it from 3-4 books to 10 and beyond; if you’re building up a character/characters through out the length of the series, you better not drop the ball and give us a watered down version of that build up.

One word to describe this last book in the series is “whimper”. Throughout reading this story I kept hoping that I’ll find something, anything to at least like, but that didn’t happen.

I thought that the back story of Olivia and Lyon as teenagers falling in love would explain much of Olivia’s pining for him all these years. It didn’t. I thought for sure I’d like Lyon when I met him, I didn’t. There was zero chemistry between the two. I was told about the “lust” they felt for each other, but there was no love there. NONE!

This was a HUGE let down.

I love second chance romance and this was supposed to be an epic story. The author had built this enormous mystery about Olivia through out a series [which had some hits and misses], but to let us down like this at the end? Not cool.

To tell you more about why I was disappointed, would give too many spoilers, and I don’t like doing that. I will say this. When you give me a hero with flaws, I expect to fall in love with him by the end of the book. What I don’t expect is to be confronted with his flaws over and over again, so that by the end, he just isn’t redeemable.

And when you give me a secondary character like Landsdowne, you better not leave me guessing what the hell happened to him, especially if this is THE END of the series. WTH?!

If you’ve read the previous 10 books, like I did, you’ll probably want to read this one too. But if you haven’t read them in order and you’re not familiar with this author, don’t bother with this story. Try to read ‘What I Did for a Duke’. It is sublime!

Melanie for b2b

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher


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