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‘Miss Frazer’s Adventure’ by Debbie Raleigh

mfa drSTORY: Miss Kate Frazer has spent most of her life trying to avoid the taint of her mother’s scandalous reputation. To please her father, she stifles her naturally high spirits to become a model of propriety. But when her efforts are rewarded with a suitor who cares only for her dowry – and leaves her waiting at the altar on her wedding day – Kate determines that from now on, she will live as she chooses.

Her first adventure will be a trip to London under an assumed name to enjoy the city’s every daring delight. And woe to anyone who stands in her way – particularly her fiance…Lucius Calfield wasn’t looking forward to wedlock with the tediously suitable Kate Frazer, yet he is nonetheless chagrined when a violent storm makes him late for the ceremony. But embarrassment turns to astonishment when he finds that his normally biddable fiancee isn’t waiting for him at the church.

In fact, she’s vanished entirely! Determined to solve the mystery of his missing bride, Lucius traces her to London, where he encounters a Kate who is unaccountably changed – and irresistibly enchanting. And although winning the heart of his erstwhile intended may prove a harder job than winning her hand, Lucius can’t imagine a sweeter victory…


Lucius (Luce) Jonathan Duval, Earl of Calfield, did not show up at the church to wed Miss Katherine (Kate) Frazer, daughter of Sir Archibald Frazer. In possession of a large dowry, Kate knows that her dowry is the only reason Luce has asked for her hand. A shy, plain looking young woman, Luce wasn’t truly intrigued by Kate. However, his father had left his estate and family in debt and Luce is being forced to marry a wealthy woman. He is not happy to have to enter into a forced marriage with a stranger of sorts. However, on their wedding day, Luce did not show up at the church and Kate was left jilted and humiliated. In truth, Luce was unable to be at the wedding because the ship, Windsong, on which he was sailing had met with some bad weather delaying his arrival at the wedding. Knowing that he has a duty to apologize to Kate so the wedding can take place, Luce sets out to woo her.

Kate’s mother had abandoned her and her father to live with her lover in Paris. Kate has always been a good, biddable daughter, but now she is ready to break free. Thus, she has decided to go to London and experience all that it has to offer. While there, she plans to call herself Mrs. Katherine Freemont, a widow.

In London, Kate meets a handsome and wealthy man, Lord Thorpe. He is every bit the gentleman and squires Kate around London.

But when Kate spots Luce in London, she is furious at him as he is irritated at having to find her. He thinks she should still be in Kent waiting for him to show up to wed her. When he realizes that the shy, rather dowdy woman has blossomed into a gorgeous woman wearing lovely gowns, he realizes that he has truly wrong about her. He finds that he is going to have to work very hard to try and win her back.

This is a clever, clean, fun romance novel. I enjoyed reading how Kate and Luce finally become friends and then who knows if that will lead to a more permanent relationship.

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher

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