Book Review

‘An Unexpected Wish’ by Eileen Richards

auw erSTORY: Sometimes a last resort is pure magic…

Anne Townsend doesn’t ask for much. Plain and poor, she’d settle for the funds to put food on the table. Making a wish on the fabled Fairy Steps is hardly a solid solution, but to see her two sisters taken care of, Anne’s willing to try anything. Yet when she finds herself suddenly surrounded with suitors, romance is now a possibility for the spinster everyone always ignored except with the one man who will never want her…

Nathaniel Matthews has no time for courting. As the eldest, he has his family’s lost fortune to rebuild, and his reckless brother to manage before he gambles his future away. Odd that Nathaniel can think of little but kissing bright-eyed Anne, who seems to be fighting off admirers from all sides. Is it the country air, or is Nathaniel ready to discover that love has a magic all its own?

REVIEW: Despite its predictability, this was a nice and lighthearted story. The author is clearly an admirer of Jane Austen and the story reflects it. Still, I enjoyed the characters and situations they find themselves in.

For some reason this story reminded me of a “Ugly Duckling” tale. That’s not a bad thing. It’s refreshing when I read about heroines that are not “English Roses”. I admired a heroine that despite being told she wasn’t beautiful, decide then to make herself indispensable to her family. That’s gutsy!

As for the hero, a very handsome Nathaniel, was honorable and protective and someone that you’d never think would fall for the plain and smart Anne.

This is a light and clean, charming and entertaining romance I think you should enjoy a lot.

Melanie for b2b

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher


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