Book Review

‘Irresistible’ by Mary Balogh

irresistible2016STORY: Nathaniel Gascoigne has been busy running his country estate since his father’s death. However, now he is going to London, partly to help his sister and his cousin find husbands during the Season, but partly also to get together with his three closest friends, by whose sides he fought during the Napoleonic Wars, to enjoy a month or two of sheer relaxation. When they meet the widow of another fellow officer, a lady who had been their comrade and friend during the war years, Nathaniel is overjoyed and soon finds his feelings for her moving beyond mere friendship. But something is troubling her, and when the four men try to help her, she spurns their friendship and will have nothing more to do with Nathaniel.

Sophia Armitage has made a pleasant new life for herself in London since her husband’s death at the Battle of Waterloo. She should be happy this year with her brother- and sister-in-law in town to bring out their young daughter, her niece. But something has happened to disturb her peace and threaten her happiness, and she can see no way out of the dark hole into which she is being sucked. Delighted as she is to meet her four friends from the wars again, and much as she is drawn to Nathaniel—as she secretly was years ago—she can neither confide in them nor give rein to her true feelings.

REVIEW: This is the third in the Four Horsemen series and I’m relieved that I liked it, because the second book in this series was such a big disappointment to me.

As usual, Ms. Balogh gives the reader time to meet the characters, their back stories and then slowly has them fall for each other. In this case, our hero had known the heroine for awhile, but hadn’t seen her in a long time. Their chance meeting and re-acquaintance was sweet and tender, awkward and confusing, and very real. I liked the pace that the relationship took to developed between the two and the honest approach to the physical  and emotional connection portrayed.

I also liked the way that the mystery plot was revealed early on, which then left me to anticipate the way in which its resolution will be portrayed. I loved its conclusion a lot!

Since there are four horsemen, this book comes with a secondary romance of Eden and Lavinia whose back and forth was priceless and a great compliment to Sophia and Nat’s sweet and steady romance.

If you’ve read the other two books, then you must get this one. Also, if you’re a fan of “friends to lovers” tropes, then this is a story you’ll like a lot.

As a series, I recommend the first and third, and am still torn about the second….

Melanie for b2b


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