Book Review

‘Indiscreet’ by Mary Balogh

i mbSTORY: In the country visiting his twin brother, Viscount Rawleigh longs for a little diversion and beautiful young widow Catherine Winters seems like easy prey. But Rex’s target is a lady of virtue, and when she roundly rejects his improper proposal to become his mistress, Rex finds himself faced with a delectable challenge.

Catherine knows she must fight the indecent feelings the Viscount arouses within her—feelings that bring to life a past she had sought to escape—even as the handsome lord refuses to relent in his amorous attentions.

But even though she knows one kiss could bring her to ruin, temptation proves an insurmountable foe—and Catherine can not ignore the beating of her treacherous heart….

REVIEW: This is the first in Ms. Balogh’s Horseman Trilogy series in which we meet four friends who’ve survived and returned from Napoleonic Wars. And since I read and loved her Survivors Club series, I was pleasantly surprised that she’d decided to reprint this series.

What I love about Ms. Balogh’s novels is the way she paints her main characters. They are always complex and very realistic. Their backstories are rich and can move me to tears. The same can be said of her plots, even though the pace of her books is more on the slow side, I still found them poignant and entertaining.

The characters in this story are flawed but that’s what made them interesting and compelling. I genuinely cared for both of them and couldn’t wait for the satisfying solution to their problematic courtship.

If you are a fan of this author, you’ll love this story. If you’ve never read her wonderful tales, you may as well start with this one.

Melanie for b2b


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