Book Review

‘Miss Morrison’s Second Chance’ by Janis Susan May

mmsc jsmSTORY: Second chances are often the best.

Twelve years ago, long-time sweethearts, Verity Morrison and Bradford Pemberton, were torn apart by a vengeful act of Verity’s jealous sister. Refusing any other suitors, Verity has descended into spinsterhood at the family estate, her heart broken.

After being disgraced and exiled to foreign lands, a now wealthy Bradford has returned to England in order to get to know his nephew, Charlie, better. He’s quite surprised to run into Verity who is chaperoning her niece.

Their feelings are as intense for each other as always, but Bradford believes Verity long married and Verity believes Bradford is under her sister’s thrall. Neither bothers to correct the other.

It takes a kidnapping, an unexpected rescuer, and mistaken identities to prove that true love does indeed deserve a second chance.

REVIEW: Elizabeth (Lisbet) Morrison, age 17, is a lovely young lady who lives at her family home, Foxworth, along with her grandfather, parents, and spinster Aunt Verity. Lisbet is soon to depart for London for her come-out. She will be staying with her Aunt Catherine, Lady Conover. Sir Chauncy is a bossy man and the head of the Morrison family. Percy and his wife, Maria, are Lisbet’s parents.

Lisbet’s childhood friend, Mr. Charles (Charlie) Pemberton is her neighbor living at Bittermere. He has just announced to Lisbet that he will be going to London as well. She is not happy about it for she fears that he will deter other young men from being with her. But Charlie also has another announcement. It appears that his older brother, Bradford, is coming home. Bradford has been corresponding with Charlie during his absence. He has been living in the orient amassing a fortune. Verity had once been in love with Bradford Pemberton of Bittermere but he left the country 12 years ago after having been disgraced and disowned by his family. It appears that Catherine had a large part in Bradford’s blame and thus there is no love lost between Verity and Catherine. Verity’s heart was broken and she has chosen to live a quiet life as a spinster.

Catherine’s husband lives in the country because he enjoys the quiet. Catherine, on the other hand, claims she would die if she had to live in the boring country. She enjoys little soirees and playing cards for money. It appears that she has lost a great deal of money at cards and her husband has vowed to not pay any more of her debts. One of the people to whom she owes a great deal is the smarmy Captain Smythe-White. He is in need of money himself and is pressuring Catherine to pay him.

When Lisbet arrives, Catherine tends to take her to modistes that dress her in racy clothes rather than those meant for a young lady in her first season. This raises some eyebrows when she is attends parties and opens her up to ridicule. Catherine’s reputation for gaming means people are skeptical of inviting her into their homes. Ah, but Captain Smythe-White looks upon Lisbet as a young lady to charm. With her sizable dowry, he would be set. Now, he is working hard to woo her.

When Verity gets word about Catherine and her lack of responsibility toward Lisbet, she decides to go to London and rescue her niece before her reputation is ruined.

What happens when Verity and Bradford come face to face again after all this time? Will Verity be able to intervene before anything happens between Lisbet and the Captain?

This is a delightful novel full of emotion, action, humor, and love. It is also very clean which appeals to me. I think readers will truly love it.

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher

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