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‘Miss Darcy’s New Companion: A Pride and Prejudice Variation’ by Cheryl Bolen

mdnc cbSTORY: As the Darcys are about to embark on their wedding trip to Italy, they lose the capable service of Miss Darcy’s long-time companion. What will they do? They cannot leave dear Georgiana without a proper lady for a companion. Elizabeth Darcy’s aunt comes to their rescue, recommending the lovely spinster Lucy Wetherspoon, whose family she has long known.

Darcy also asks his neighbor, Lord Fane, to watch out for Georgiana in their absence. At two and thirty, Lord Fane has decided he needs to wed an heiress to restore his ancestral pile. Miss Darcy’s fortune is just what he needs.

Then he meets the shabbily dressed Miss Wetherspoon, and his world is utterly shaken by the profound feelings the beautiful woman elicits in him. After meddling from misguided-but-well-meaning Mr. Collins, Lord Fane’s honor demands he offer for Georgiana Darcy though his heart will ever belong to her shabbily dressed companion.

REVIEW: The newlywed Darcys are preparing to take a wedding trip. Elizabeth has been talking with Miss Lucy Wetherspoon, age 25, who is being considered as a companion to Miss Georgiana Darcy, age 16.

Lucy’s father was a scholar at Oxford, but he did not have a head for money and ended up involved in some bad investments. As it happens, Lucy had been jilted which is why she is still single. Lucy has been very well educated by her father and even speaks six different languages.

The Darcys need to ensure that Georgiana is well cared for while they are gone, in addition to help prepare Georgiana for her come out. In addition, the young girl will have a fortune of 30,000 pounds so she must make a good match. Elizabeth is impressed with Lucy and decides to hire her.

Lucy encourages Georgiana to be more outspoken when talking to young men so she does appear to be empty headed. Georgiana confides to Lucy that her brother would like to see her wed Alexander Farrington, the Earl of Fane, age 32. Unfortunately, Fane lacks the funds to properly repair his home, Bodworth House. Both his house and Georgiana’s home, Pemberley, are located quite close together.

When Fane and his brother, Hugh, call upon Georgiana, he is quite taken with the beauty of Lucy. Sadly, the meeting does not go well as Georgiana’s youth makes for stilted conversation. However, Georgiana invites Fane and Hugh to dine with her and Lucy and everyone has a nice evening even though it’s difficult to get more than one word answers out of Georgiana.

Soon, Fane cannot deny his attraction to Lucy but is worried about his home and lack of funds as well. Can there be a future for them?

This is a great story well-written in the Pride and Prejudice “style.” I loved the characters and the angst suffered by both Fane and Lucy is well-expressed. In addition, it is very “clean” which is a huge plus to me.

Complimentary copy provided by the author

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