Book Review

Outlander – Faith [Epi. 207]


This was one of the best episodes so far, for me at least.

I was okay until they arrived home, and then the flood gates opened. The episode title was present through most of the episode and in the end, their baby’s name on the cold stone tablet was so touching and poignant.



I liked that the most of this episode was about Claire and what she went through while Jamie was imprisoned. Thank God I never went through what she did! This is gut-wrenching pain that I wouldn’t wish on my enemies.

The way Cait portrayed it was outstanding, and I’m not the first nor the last to say this was award performance in its best.


But before we got to experience her pain, we were greeted with a scene of Claire and a little red-haired girl, in a library looking at the birds, and it was 1954. Most of the book readers knew who this was and they were delighted, but this was such a surprise to all of us that some welcomed it and others didn’t care for it so much. Personally, I loved it. I was glad to get a glimpse of Claire in the future, but I was tickled pink to see Bree!!!!


As for the part in which King’s Executioner was working on saving the baby and Claire, I was trying to watch that through my fingers. That dude that plays the executioner is the scariest dude ever!


4When finally Claire awakens and touches her belly, realizing the baby’s gone and asking for it, I was on the verge of tears, wanting to comfort her. This scene was done to perfection!

Everything that followed was done just right.
I loved the Bouton scenes; Master Raymond risking his life to heal her and telling her to “have faith” in seeing him again; Claire’s anguish upon hearing Jamie has been arrested and at King’s mercy.
And the coming home with Fergus. As she arrives in the courtyard, Fergus exits with a bouquet of blue flowers and is surprised to see the servants lined up to greet their
But what makes this scene sob worthy is the piano music accompanying it. It is such a sad and moving piece that you can’t not cry.
And then the scene between Claire and Magnus! OMG! I was a mess! When she bows to him in thanks for saving her life, I lost it!
From here on, I just cried and cried… Fergus brushing her hair by the fireplace; Claire unable to sleep, roaming around the big mansion; shoving the apostle spoons under the bed so she wouldn’t be reminded of what she has lost; running to Fergus in the middle of the night to comfort him as he’s having a nightmare. All of these scenes were gut-wrenching and I swear I needed to take a breath, but noooooo…. The scenes just kept coming ….
fWhen Fergus tells her what had happened and that he was to blame, Claire takes him into her arms and makes sure that he knows that it was not his fault. How perfect was this?!
For some people the scene in which we see Fergus being violated by Jack Randall, this was too much, but I thought it was done as best as it could have been without being gratuitous.
And finally I wiped my tears off thinking I’ll be just fine … Claire’s talk with Mother Hildegard, petition to the King, the stupid trial and the “La Dame Blanche” bit [I must say, that was one awesome “death” scene done by Stanley Webber!], three-pump-chump Lois, all these scenes were great, and I liked them but I just couldn’t wait to see Jamie come to her… and then he comes, slowly walking up the stairs and she’s waiting for him at the top. I was surprised at the coldness and the “imperial” attitude she greets him with, but as they start to talk and when she starts reliving her nightmare, I went to pieces yet again.
cccHer reliving the day she held Faith into the night, rocking and singing to her, touching her and  counting her fingers and toes, was just too painful to watch, yet you couldn’t avert your eyes and absorb all the pain she felt.
I loved that it was Louise who came to her for comfort and solace. Our hearts broke as much as Claire’s did as she hands her wee girl to be berried.
Watching these two share their pain was painful. It was music to all of our ears as Claire asks Jamie to take her home, to Scotland. They are giving up their mission because it has taken too much from them.
My only problem was that last scene. I thought it was cut weird. Even Jamie’s offer of “forgiveness” sounded out of place because I didn’t hear her asking for it.
In the end, I was just drained from all the “feels” given to us in this one, and I couldn’t wait to be out of the G’damn Paris! 
Melanie for b2b

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