Book Review

Outlander – Best Laid Schemes …[Ep. 206]


Here we go again!

Another episode filled to the brim with so much that it left my head spin. Oh how I wish they gave us more than 13 episodes. The show’s structure is suffering mightily because of it. Just think about it….

They had to fit so much in this episode that the main plot is getting lost in all of the other dramas surrounding our couple.

We start with Jamie and Murtagh, go to Claire and the executioner, visit Master Raymond, back to Jamie and Claire [WTF?] then, smallpox caper plans and execution, but in between, lets divulge the truth about Claire to Murtagh, and oh lets go to the Prince and St. Germaine, back again to Jamie and Fergus then brothel, then Claire with Louise and the insipid women, then Claire and the note of Jamie’s apology, coach chase to the woods and the duel … and the tragedy in making. HOLY SHIT!

No matter how well the script was, this episode suffered and that made me more sad then angry.

First, the opening was chopped up. Jamie just had a HUGE fight with his wife, and if you’re not paying attention to the dialogue, you’re wondering if that was last night or two days ago. It’s TWO days since they had the fall out, so what happened?! Is he in the dog house? Not talking to her? Not sleeping together?! WHAT?!

He’s informing Murtagh that the duel is off, no explanation. That’s okay coz they haven’t told him about her yet, but why not open this episode with a scene of foot rubbing?! So we can get the idea that they made up!

No, they left us wondering while we watched Claire get a lesson from the executioner about quartering people. Seriously?! Yes, I get the point that we needed to establish the danger to Master Raymond, but it could have been accomplished much better with a shorter scene. And finally, we get the scene we’ve all wondered about for the past 15 goddamned minutes. What a waste! Not the scene. That was so good, as usual when you have these two in any scene, let alone a sweet and tender one as this. It just bugged me to no end that it all played out of sequence and I felt let down because I didn’t see the “coming together” of the two after this massive fight.


Anyways, C’est la vie!

What I did love is the one on one with Murtagh and Claire. I’m enjoying the friendship and respect these two have for one another.

I adored the scenes with Fergus immensely! His relationship with Claire, Jamie and Murtagh is blossoming and getting stronger by the episode.

The whole scheme was fun, but I could have lived with Jamie telling us this, but then we wouldn’t have had more of Stanley Webber, so ….


And that scene in which Jamie’s talking to his unborn barn,  just had me in puddles!

All other scenes were just filler.

Tea with Louise and women, Claire’s visit to the hospital and Mother Hildegarde telling her to rest, stay the night while she sends Fergus to let Jamie know, were all okay.

In the morning, while Jamie and Fergus share a meal, he gets a message from the Prince and they both head out to the brothel. Awesomeness in those scenes between the two! And when Fergus says he’s going with him to “guard his right”, I just about swooned!

To watch the next few scenes I needed a stiff drink for sure!


Fergus disobeys Jamie’s order to stay put, and starts wandering about, searching for something to steal and spotting a bottle of perfume in one of the rooms, ducks in to steal it. And right there on the bed post is hanging a red military uniform jacket! I give you one guess as to whose it is!

And then the door closes and Fergus is looking at … CRAP! Fade to black!?

Upon Claire’s returns home, all the servants are acting a bit weird, and when Claire spots Jamie’s wrist band, she asks Suzette if he’s home. She’s all flummoxed and tells Claire about the incident at a brothel involving the British Officer …. and of course she then sees the note “I’m sorry. I must.” and looses her shit and even though she’s experiencing some discomfort and pain, heads into the woods in search of her husband ….

After a long and IMO unnecessarily long carriage ride, she arrives and with the help of Magnus, locates the two men already in progress of a duel.


And the whole Hell brakes loose as the two are caught in this mortal combat and she can only watch, helpless to do anything else.

As Jamie strikes BJR right to the groin, he falls and as Claire screams Jamie’s name, the solders arrive to arrest him and BJR, so he can’t see her, hold her, explain the whole of it to her …. And Claire is by this time bleeding, falling down unconscious and asking Magnus to take her to Mother Hildegard.


And that’s it folks. Done. Fine.

Like I said, too much sometimes it’s not that good. I adore the show. I adore the actors, the creators, but for God’s sake, less is more. I honestly do not need every scene from the book. Just the important ones. I’ll even let them pick what’s important, just don’t embellish for the embellishing sake.

I know I’m a bit late with this post, but I’d love to know what you thought. Honestly.


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