Book Review

‘Heir to the Duke’ by Jane Ashford

httd jaSTORY: Nathaniel Gresham, the handsome Viscount Hargove, lives a life devoted to familial duty. As his father’s eldest son, Nathaniel’s identity remains the “heir to the Duke of Langford.” But this quiet, restrained life changes the minute he marries sweet Lady Violet Devere.

Oppressed by her family all her life, Violet is longing for her marriage vows to be spoken. Though her arranged marriage to Nathaniel was not a match made for love, they’re both looking forward to the comparative freedom of married life. And Violet is determined to show Nathaniel how to enjoy it, both in and out of the bedroom.

REVIEW: Nathaniel Gresham, Viscount Hightower, awakes in the home of the Earl of Moreley recalling that this is the day he is to wed the Earl’s daughter. He is the oldest of 5 brothers and heir to his father, the Duke of Langford.

Nathaniel is marrying Lady Violet Devere, whom he has known for years. Violet and her mother have always been under the command of the Dowager Countess of Moreley. At 76, the woman still rules the family with an iron fist. Violet is anxious to finally be able to do as she wishes, dress the way she wants, and simply be herself. She is bursting to strike out and try new things that will allow her to do what she has always wanted to do. Nathaniel is a bit surprised at how she wants to try new things, but is happy to indulge her.

Violet has always wanted to spend some time in Brighton, so they find some rooms for the summer. They enjoy the sights and Violet revels in being able to choose bright colors and womanly fashions to wear. Having been squelched by her grandmother all of her life, she is joyfully free to do as she wishes.

Violet and Nathaniel’s love grows each day and they make more friends. An old friend of Violet’s is in Brighton for the summer with her cold and controlling husband. When Violet realizes that the woman is having an affair, she is appalled.

Then, Violet’s parents and her grandmother come to town, and the evil, old woman starts in again criticizing Violet’s dress, choice of friends, and actions in public. As Violet tries to stand up to her grandmother reminding her that she is a married woman and does not answer to her, the woman drops a bombshell that explains her mother’s timidity all her life and her grandmother’s meanness.

Will this long-buried information destroy her marriage to Nathaniel?

I loved this book. Both Nathaniel and Violet are adorable characters. This is one of those books I wish I could give 6 stars! Well done, Jane Ashford!

Connie for b2b


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