Book Review

‘Kiss Me Darkly’ by Cecilia Gray

kmd cgSTORY: Meet Dinah Belle—the Blasé Belle—who never gets emotional because there is no problem—including love—that she cannot solve with her superior intellect. The irrational emotion of love has destroyed her family, but it must have a cure, and she has the perfect test case by which to discover it.

Meet Graham Abernathy—the popular duke’s son—a gentleman who goes out of his way to please others and be well liked. Not that it’s done him any good, since the woman he loves has thrown him over for someone else. Heartbroken, he attracts the interest of one Dinah Belle, who has her sights set on him—for research, of all things.

Dinah has no intention of failing. He has no intention of being cured.

REVIEW: Woodbury England – 1817

Miss Dinah Belle, age 17, is attending the wedding of her sister, Sera Belle, to Thomas
Abernathy, son and heir to the Duke of Rivington. This will unite these already close famiies.

The Bayswater Belles are five sisters all born on July 2nd, one year apart. They like to gather each year on their shared birthday to celebrate. Their father, Dominic Belle, is a successful industrialist. Their mother has passed away and her last wish was that her daughters would marry Dukes. The girls’ names and descriptive nicknames in order of birth are:

Alice – the Bossy Belle
Bridget – the Bookish Belle
Charlotte – the Bovine Belle (nicknamed thus because she has red hair)
Dinah – the Blasé Belle
Sera – the Belle Belle

The Duke of Rivington has several sons, one of whom is Lord Graham Abernathy, third son of the Duke. He is a popular war hero. Right now, he is extremely drunk as he is drowning his sorrows at the loss of his love, Lily, to another man. When Dinah finds him passed out, she tries to sober him up to attend the wedding. As they spend time together, Dinah decides to embark on a scientific experiment with Graham to help him break his obsession with Lily.

They share letters and as a few years pass, they meet annually where Graham seems to be better. But, Dinah does not know what love is and is also searching for meaning there.

Can they find love together or will they continue to be apart?

The story really doesn’t make much sense to me which is why I tried to describe (above) some of the different sisters. The lives of these two families are quite intertwined. I truly did not care for this book but hope others will enjoy it. This is the first book I have read by this author but I am certainly open to reading more of her novels.

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher

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