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Outlander – La Dame Blanche [Ep.204]


I believe, with this episode, a sigh of relief has been heard ’round the world. Our couple had finally figured out a way to reconnect and talk about what has bothered them for months.


I loved every second of their painful exchange. As Jamie spills his heart out, [“… it was like my fortress had been blown apart. The thing that once lived there was suddenly exposed, out in the open. Without shelter…that’s where I’ve been ever since, Claire. Naked. Alone. Trying to hide under a blade of grass.”] Claire was left speechless. And I went to pieces!


But before that happened, we saw Claire being poisoned, confess her secret about BJR being alive, to Jamie and after that wonderful scene, she gets attacked and then has to put a happy hostess face for the aristocracy and royals in Paris, at the dinner-party they orchestrated.

Is it just me or did they cram a lot in this episode? Not that I’m complaining, mind you. I just thought everything just kept piling up and the fight at the end was way over the top. I would have rather had less action and more reaction, if that makes any sense.


The reconnection sex scene was filmed in a closed up daybed, no light, just the darkness all around [in order for us to see it, it was lit in blue] and while everyone else is seeing “the grotto” from the book, I was happy with the notion that he had to find her in the pitch black darkness.

The scene after the poisoning in which Claire finally tells Jamie about BJR was very touching and Jamie’s reaction made absolute sense to me. Jamie is so still in his initial reaction! And then you see his face light up, as it sinks in. He smiles, accepting the gift Claire gives him with this news and explains to her that he was robbed of seeing that man’s blood spill, and now he has the chance to do it himself. His confidence is back, while Claire, even after he promises her he won’t be abandoning their mission for revenge any time soon, is still worried that killing BJR will somehow stop Frank’s birth.


Claire’s growing friendship with Louise and Mary, and even Master Raymond. All those scenes with them were poignant and fun, all at the same time.


Her confrontation with Master Raymond at his shop, about the poison he had sold to someone, but he assures her that even though he’d sold the said poison, he had no idea that they’d use it on her, was so well done. Claire believes him, and he invites her to his back room, and promptly proceeds to “look into the future” for her with throwing some bones.

Poor Claire! She was taken aback with the prediction that she’ll see Frank again and then touched with yet another gift from him, a necklace that can detect poison!


She next visits with Louise at her place and the lady confides in Claire that she’s with child, and not from her hubby! She is asking Claire to help her get rid of the baby, but the convo that follows is as much sad as is funny. Claire asks her if she is sure about aborting the child and Louise is not, so why not pass it on as her husbands?! Sleep with her husband?! Horror of horrors!


The day of the party Claire is happy to go help Mother Hildegard with an emergency at the hospital and Jamie sends his godfather and Fergus as her escorts and little Mary is tagging along. Murtagh and Fergus were both adorable as they discussed women. That kid is just so sweet and is stealing all the scenes from the grown ups 😉


As the day is ending, and they exit the hospital, Murtagh tells them that the carriage wheel had broken down. He mentions that Fergus had gone ahead to warn Jamie they’ll be late.


Poor Jamie is all alone playing  host to a house full of pompous asses while Claire, Mary and Murtagh are walking home. As Mary confides in Clare about a man she has come to like, Alex Randall, they are attacked. The thugs knock Murtagh out, and one of them starts to rape Mary while the other three are holding Claire and getting ready to rape her as well. Her hood slips and they appear to have recognized her, so they start crossing themselves and start running for their lives screaming “La Dame Blanche”.


My heart breaks while I watch them arrive at the courtyard of the mansion. Jamie is heartsick and worried about Claire and Mary. The poor kid is passed out and Alex is there as well. Murtagh is hurt as well, and both he and Jamie are ready to look for the bad guys, but Claire is adamant about putting a brave front and pretending nothing happened, for now at least.


Watching her get ready and finding out from Jamie that the evil duke had invited the evil comte to sit at their table, was pure joy. She was stunned, but determined to pull this evening off.

The dinner was, of course, a disaster!


Their plan to have Bonnie Prince learns of Louise’s pregnancy, and therefore loose his shit, went awry. The compte knows about Claire’s amulet warding off poison and teases Claire about it, and then Mary Hawkins, who had been left to rest upstairs with Alex watching over her, looses her shit and starts running all over the house, with Alex in pursuit. Poor Alex falls on top of her, and that’s hoe the guests find them in a parlor coming to a conclusion that he’s assaulting her! And from that point on, it all turns into a free for all, and the only people that are staying out of it are comte, Prince and the duke.


I find that a lot of people are picking apart Claire’s drinking, Mary’s rape and even the “bite” scene, believing that Jamie was insensitive to talk about it, and that he would have even let a hoore bite him or that he felt lust.


Let me address these issues as I see them in the show [remember, the book is safely on my shelf while the show is happening!].

Claire is a modern woman from the 1940’s and they drank while pregnant then, let alone in the 1700’s. They drank straight through in the sixties and seventies, for crying out loud!


As for Mary’s rape … I thought about this one a lot. This happened for a reason and it will be a catalyst for all of them. This rape stops Mary’s betrothal, has Alex admitting to loving her, even after the horrible incident, and as for Claire and Jamie’s care of her after the incident, I believe they did the best they could at the time.


Remember, they had to pull this dinner off because a lot depended on the duke finding out how unreliable the prince is, so that he’d stop funding him. They left her in her man’s loving care, never thinking she’d even be awake. Both were concerned for her, Jamie for her reputation and Claire for her health. They were planning to shelter her from society and help her heal. I have every confidence that they will address Mary’s healing as much as they did Jamie’s.

OMG! The bite scene was hilarious and sad, and very informative 😉

jamie f

No, Jamie did not sleep with the hoore! How can you even think that?! The man has been spending his nights in a brothel, watching people copulate right in front of him, and guess what? He got aroused! Big F’n deal! He is a human! I get aroused watching this show for Pete’s sake! That doesn’t mean I’m cheating on my hubby. The bites happened because some hoore didn’t take no for an answer, but him getting a boner was a good thing. He figured that he’s never going to be able to perform, but this little incident showed him that he can, and that’s why he ran to his wife.

Thank God Claire finally understood that.

Oh, and the costumes?! TO DIE FOR! Every single one is superb. And the sets are as well 🙂

And now for you. How did you like this episode and did you have any concerns?

Melanie for b2b


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