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Spotlight on E. E. Burke and The Bride Train!


The Bride Train

Taming the West one bride at a time.

Seven women answer a railroad advertisement seeking single young ladies as brides for settlers on the Western frontier. The Bride Train takes them to a land plagued by violence and unrest, a place where passion rules…and only a woman’s touch can tame it into love.

ABridesJourney_thumbnail-400x600Prequel: A Bride’s Journey

Enjoy this brief introduction to The Bride Train series, which provides a glimpse into the journal of one of the brides traveling west.

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MINI REVIEW: This was such an intriguing and informative little intro into this series, especially the character introduction of our brides and their backgrounds. Totally peaked my interest in the series!

I also found the whole concept of the railroad providing brides for their men, fascinating and if you’re into western romance, you’ll love this new series.

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Valentine’s Rose, Book 1

An English nobleman desperate for riches…an Irish laundress longing for love…only in America could Fate be foolish enough to put them together.

ValentinesRose_Thumbnail-400x600One choice can change lives for better, or for worse. Constantine Valentine, the second son of an English baron is in America for one reason—to make a fortune so he can return home and repair a tarnished reputation. Wedding a destitute Irish laundress isn’t his first choice, but a strange twist of fate makes a hasty marriage the key to gaining riches.

Rose Muldoon, who grew up in a New York slum, has battled hardship, hunger and heartbreaking loss. Against impossible odds, she still trusts love—something her privileged husband has never experienced, and can’t accept.

She longs for home and family. Val has no intention of staying in a marriage of convenience, not even for a beautiful woman who fires his blood and makes him yearn for what he doesn’t have…or deserve. But when the unforeseen happens, threatening everything Val holds dear, he must make a choice.

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Val slipped his arm around the woman’s waist—a surprisingly supple, slender waist. He steadied her as she hopped back to the sidewalk. She perched on one foot like a heron while he turned to pluck her shoe out of the mud.

“Put your hand on my shoulder for balance. If you’ll pardon my taking the liberty, I’ll slip your boot on so you won’t risk falling again.” When he knelt before her, she looked horrified.

“Oh-oh no, sir, you don’t hafta…”

Hearing her Irish accent took Val aback, though he might’ve expected it. Her ragged dress and plaid shawl looked like something worn by the peasantry. The uncharitable thought fled as he looked into her eyes and saw a soul as pure and innocent as his was debased and wicked.

“Do me the honor,” he urged her.

This time she didn’t hesitate. Her long, elegant fingers curled over his shoulder. At her touch, desire flickered. There was something about a woman’s hands, and this woman had beautiful hands. Likely, her feet, which were presently covered by wool stockings, were also long and slender and just as pale.

Val grasped her ankle. The flicker ignited into a flame. His face grew warm at the uncontrollable reaction. What in God’s name was wrong with him? He hadn’t gotten hard this fast the last time he’d been with a woman wearing nothing but stockings—and silk ones at that.

Her hand trembled.

Hating that he’d unsettled her, Val clenched his jaw and tried to be gentle as he guided the girl’s foot back into the boot and then laced it up. He secured the loose laces on the other one. “Wouldn’t do to have you tripping again. I might not be there next time to catch you,” he quipped to distract her from noticing his overheated condition.

MINI REVIEW: This is such a sweet and tender story! I adored the heroine and her strength as much as our hero did. And speaking of a hero, Val was one of those heroes that you get attached from the get-go.

Their happily ever after is unconventional, but boy, it is memorable and charming from the first time Val lays his eyes on Rose. It was such a joy watching them fall for each other and fighting the attraction that sizzled on the page.

This was a very easy read and it moved fast. I highly recommend it to all romance readers.

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Patrick’s Charm, Book 2

She believes in nothing. He has nothing left to believe in…except his good luck charm.  

PatricksCharm_Nook-400x600Lady Luck hasn’t been kind to Patrick O’Shea. The Irish immigrant has suffered loss, betrayal and bitter disappointment since arriving in America. When a talented performer shows up at his saloon looking for a job, it appears his luck is about to change.

Charm LaBelle would rather take a job singing in a saloon than be forced to marry. The famous actress is on the run from danger and has learned the hard way not to entrust her life, or her heart, to any man…in particular, her charming employer.

Patrick is determined to hold onto his good luck through whatever means necessary, including marriage. But Charm won’t give up her freedom or her secrets, and it’s only a matter of time before luck runs out.

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As soon as the back door slammed shut, Charm turned with an icy glare.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Patrick didn’t answer right off. Her question could be interpreted a number of ways. She could be referring to his jealousy, or to his stupidity, or to something else entirely.

He made it to the bar without limping and stashed the lockbox in a drawer. His pride had already taken a beating when she stepped in and saved him from having to fight a man who might’ve whipped him. No, not might have. Defeat was a forgone conclusion. Childers had every advantage: health, strength, agility, and a damn big knife.

“You should be careful who you accept rides from…” The moment the rebuke left Patrick’s lips, he knew it was the wrong thing to say.

Charm’s eyes flashed with fury.

“Mr. Childers behaved like a gentleman. You, on the other hand, are being an ass.”

MINI REVIEW: In this second book of the series we follow the unlikely duo of two very strong minded people, Charm and Patrick.

I honestly didn’t see this coming, but was pleasantly surprised to see that Ms. Burke had given Mr. O’Shea a bride of his own. Charm is such a great and fun character that you can’t help but love and admire her spunk.

This tale was well written and researched, as the first one was. It was a hoot to watch these two spar and fall in love!

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Complimentary copies provided by the author

eebAUTHIOR BIO: E.E. Burke is an award-winning author of sexy and heartwarming historical romance featuring emotionally complex characters in settings rich with historical detail. Her latest series of sweet romances, The Bride Train, features a cast of unusual characters thrown together through a misguided bride lottery. Steam! Romance and Rails is a sexy series that follows the lives of dangerous men and daring women caught up in a cutthroat railroad competition.

Think “Hell On Wheels”…with happier endings. Her novella, Victoria, Bride of Kansas, is part of the unprecedented American Mail-Order Brides Series penned by forty-five top Western romance authors. Victoria, Bride of Kansas reached #1 in Victorian and Western Romance and #4 in Historical Romance on Amazon’s top sellers lists. E.E., also known as Elisabeth, has earned accolades in regional and national contests, including the RWA’s prestigious Golden Heart®.

Over the years, she’s been a disc jockey, a journalist and an advertising executive, before finally getting around to living the dream–writing stories readers can get lost in.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Website / Facebook / Twitter /


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