Book Review

‘Scandal Takes the Stage’ by Eva Leigh

stts elSTORY: Successful playwright Maggie Delamere has no interest in the flirtations of noblemen like Cameron, Viscount Marwood. She once paid dearly for a moment of weakness . . . and vows to rebuff the wildly persistent—and irritatingly handsome—scoundrel at every turn. But when pressure to deliver a new play hampers her creativity, an invitation to use his country estate as a writer’s retreat is too tempting to resist…

For years, Cam has admired Maggie’s brilliant work, and he can’t pass up the opportunity to discover if the beautiful, mysterious playwright is as passionate and clever as the words that flow from her quill. He’s never offered a lady his bed without being in it, but if it means loosening Maggie’s pen—and her inhibitions—he’ll do exactly that.

But soon Cam’s plans for seduction become a fight for Maggie’s heart. He’s more than the scandalous, carefree rake society believes him to be . . . and she’s the only woman who has ever noticed.

REVIEW: Eva Leigh continues her The Wicked Quills of London series with another heroine who is good with a quill. This one is a playwright and she is having a ‘writer’s block’, but have no fear. Our hero has been admiring this woman for some time  now, and he comes up with a solution to her problem.

I have to say that this story was a tad slower than the first book, but I did like the characterization of the hero. He was such a romantic and a lot of fun to follow around.

The heroine took a bit of getting to know and once I had a better picture of who she was I begun to warm up to her.

Together, they were an interesting couple, but the romance was driven mostly by our hero, which at times felt a bit awkward. Once the heroine gets on board, the chemistry was undeniable and the story is richer for it.

Melanie for b2b

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher


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