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The Teatime Tattler by Bluestocking Belles

ttt arb jk se se mg cw nzSTORY: What do the Bluestocking Belles’ historical romance characters do when they aren’t entertaining readers in our books? Turn to the popular Regency gossip rag, the Teatime Tattler, to find out!

In The Collected 2015 Editions of the Teatime Tattler, these bestselling and award-winning HistRom writers bring you a collection of short stories, interviews, cameos, backstories, and scandals, all vignettes connected, one way or another, to the novels and novellas that you know and love, illuminating our characters in ways you cannot find in any of our books.

Written by Bluestocking Belles: Amy Rose Bennettby (Goodreads Author), Susana Ellis (Goodreads Author), Sherry Ewing (Goodreads Author), Mariana Gabrielle (Goodreads Author), Jude Knight (Goodreads Author), Caroline Warfield (Goodreads Author), Nicole Zoltack (Goodreads Author)

REVIEW: What a great way to be introduced to some wonderful new authors. This “tattler” is written by the Bluestocking Belles: Amy Rose Bennett, Susana Ellis, Sherry Ewing, Mariana Gabrielle, Jude Knight, Caroline Warfield and Nicole Zoltack.

If you’re wondering what the “tattler” is all about, let me just say that it’s a Regency “gossip” paper that loves to bring us news of High Society and much, much more. Its correspondents are witty and titles such as, Is the Earl’s Man Mrs. Cooper’s New Flirt? and The Secret Diary of Elizabeth, Lady Beauchamp, are sure to draw you in.

Reading these columns will surely peek your interest in the authors and their full length stories!

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