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Outlander – Not in Scotland Anymore [Ep.202]

Red Dress JC

Well, that title was appropriate! No way in hell could we have not noticed the change of locale. On my first viewing I was immersed in the story [HELLO! the opening scene] and from the lovemaking scene straight to the end scene with Claire’s dilemma, I couldn’t take my eyes off of the screen.

I loved every moment and every second of this episode. I heard some grumblings out there, but I couldn’t disagree more with all the nitpickers and dissectors out there. Seriously, how many times must I tell those people that this is not a verbatim translation of your favorite book or a character?! Why are you not able to separate the two mediums and let yourself drown in the beauty it’s offered?! Why must you pick apart everything from the length of the red dress to Jamie’s hair and teeth? WTH? [shaking head]

o s2 e2

Me, on the other hand, couldn’t get enough of Mr. Raymond! Talk about perfect casting! Was he not looking like a “toad”? OMG! And that apothecary! I wanted to hide in there and wait for them all to leave so I could explore to my hearts content.

Murtagh and Jamie were awesome as they practiced sword fighting. Now that our comic relief duo of Rupert and Angus aren’t here, looks like Murtagh is it and he is so good at being ornery.


I can’t tell you how much I liked the fact that the show is dealing so realistically with the aftermath of Jamie’s rape. My heart went out to both of them as they desperately are trying to revive their passion and get back to what they had at the start of their union, but the memories have not been buried deep enough within his psyche and they keep plaguing him.

Mary and Louise

Claire is struggling on more than one front. She is trying to keep Jamie occupied with their schemes, she’s running the household that’s not small, and she worries about his lack of sleep, not to mention her new social life and new acquaintances!


I thoroughly enjoyed meeting al the new players in this drama.  Andrew Gower as Bonnie Prince Charlie was so F*n perfect as I watched him slur the words and his “mark me” saying is deeply inbedded in my mind!

j l

Claire Sermonne as Louise de Rohan was superb and I loved those dimples every time she smiled. And her accent is to die for!

Rosie Day as Mary Hawkins couldn’t be more perfect and her shyness is so touching.

As for Dominique Pinon as Master Raymond, I already mentioned how spot on that casting was!

Master Raymond

And was I the only one not to recognize Lionel Lingelser’s King Louis XV as he was parading his mistress with her “nipple dress”?! As I watched the scene where he’s sitting on his “throne” all bunged up, no wig and with his drawers down, I thought he was quite young and very good looking, and then he shows up in a wig and I’m all confused! But I did get it!

Outlander 2

Seeing Duke of Sandringham sneer at Clare made me want to strangle him with his own wig! How did you like Alexander Randall? I thought he was great! The actor does resemble Tobias Menzies for sure.


The scenes with Minister of Finance were hilarious! I liked the way they handled him afterwards.

And I can’t forget to mention the sets and costumes. HOLY CRAP! This show must cost a fortune to make! Everything was exquisite! To the last detail, I just couldn’t stop staring at their surroundings and their wardrobe [mind you, that happened on my second and third viewing!]

the red dress

Honestly, as much as I want the next episode to come as quickly as possible, I’m dreading the end of this season. Next #Droughtlander will be HELL!

So what did you think?

Melanie for b2b



1 thought on “Outlander – Not in Scotland Anymore [Ep.202]”

  1. Totally agree with your review of 2nd Season of Outlander. don’t understand why some readerrs expect it to be exactly as the book. But to each it’s own. However,for those watchers of the show, I recommend reading the books.

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