Book Review

‘Lord Dragoner’s Wife’ by Lynn Kerstan

ldw lkSTORY: Love cannot be bought or bartered, and a marriage may be built on the finest of threads.

Delilah, the smart and likable daughter of an ambitious merchant, fell in love with Charles Everett from afar. While she married for love, Charles only married her to salvage his aristocratic family’s disreputable accounts. Believing she had no more interest in a real marriage than he did, he abandoned her after their wedding night to seek honor in the war against Napoleon.

Now, six years later, he returns, vested as Lord Dragoner but embroiled in secrets and controversy, to insist she free herself by divorce. Delilah has never stopped hoping he would one day return to her, the beautiful man with pain blazing in his eyes. She longs for them to build a happy family, like the one she grew up with, and she’ll do whatever it takes to win him over.

English divorce laws require the wife be discovered in an act of adultery, and Charles decides he cannot subject her to such an ordeal. He leaves on a mission that may take his life. Following him to France, Delilah is caught up in the dangerous life he leads. Dragoner, surprised to find himself working with a partner equally intrepid and wily, begins to see her in a whole new light. But if they are to create a future together, they must escape intact from officials and criminals determined to chase them down.

She will risk her own life to prove he is far more heroic than his bittersweet mysteries might reveal and that they do have a marriage of the heart.

REVIEW: As blurbs go, this one tells you enough of a story to hook you in. I thought the story was well written and intriguing enough to have me wish that it was just a tad faster moving, but regardless, I liked it very much and the reason for it was the heroine.

She was one of those women that the word “determined” encompassed all that she was. She was determined to merry Charles; she was determined to survive and thrive after he abandoned her and she was determined to win him back after he tells her he wants to divorce.

I do have to say that it took me awhile to get warmed up to the hero, but I did and I was actually glad that he was written in such a way that it made him complex and intriguing.

If you like your romance featuring some intrigue and adventure, I highly recommend this one.

Melanie for b2b

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher


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