Book Review

‘Compromising the Marquess’ by Wendy Soliman

ctm wsSTORY: England, 1814

Leah Elliot sells secrets to survive. Donning boy’s clothes, she uncovers society scandals for a London gossip rag to support herself and her sister, who were left destitute after their father’s death. When she meets the dashing—and perhaps dangerous—Hal Forster, the Marquess of Denby, she learns he may be involved in treason. The rumor is too valuable not to sell, despite her attraction to him…

Hal does have a secret, but he’s no traitor: he’s a spy embroiled in a mystery, seeking the man who killed his contact in France. He sees the alluring woman behind Leah’s disguise at once but is intrigued enough to play along…until he realizes that she’s the source of the rumors interfering with his investigation and forcing him into an unwanted betrothal.

Now, Hal and Leah must work together to draw out the culprit and undo the damage caused by Leah’s gossip. Or will their passion only cause more scandal?

REVIEW: This was a fun and fast pacing read that I liked a lot. I thought the heroine brave and smart, doing what she had in order to survive.

The hero was someone with courage and fortitude to see through who and what our heroine is and does.

Through out the book I just kept hearing the expression “needs must”, which totally applied to Leah. It’s the “necessity” that “compels” her to spy on the ton thus earning her keep, allowing her to survive.

It’s Hal who has to decide if she really had no choice but to do what she did and did the events compel her to do something she would much rather not.

If you like your romance sprinkled with a doze of mystery, this is sure to fill the bill.

Melanie for b2b

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher


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