Book Review

‘Hard To Resist’ by Janelle Denison

htrjdSTORY: The Girl Most Likely To . . . Give a Guy a Second Chance!

Renee Griffen always did have a thing for Jake Copeland, especially since they’d been each other’s “firsts” in high school.

But now, ten years later, he’s offering her a sexy “do-over” of that less-than-satisfying night, and Renee finds his offer hard to refuse. Jake might have blundered their first time together, but he’s all about second chances, and this time he’s playing for keeps.

REVIEW: Renee and Jake had been an item in high school but went separate ways after graduation. Renee wanted to see the world and and he went on to college.

Now ten years later, they have again met up on Facebook. After chatting via Skype, they realize that the attraction between them is as hot as ever. With their 10-year high school reunion coming up, they both agree to attend and see where things go. At the reunion, things heat up and they end up having a night of fabulous sex.

The next morning when a call comes in for Jake, obviously from a female, Renee is shocked and bolts. Without giving any more spoilers away, I will add you now have to find out who this female is and what happens next.

Janelle Denison has written a wonderfully sexual novel here that will keep the reader enthralled and glued to the book to the very end. I hope you will purchase a copy and enjoy Renee and Jake’s story as much as I did.

Connie for b2b


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