Book Review

‘Foxing the Geese: A Regency Romance’ by Janet Woods

ftg jwSTORY: She is a spinster with a secret fortune . . . He is an impoverished earl who must marry money or face ruin . . . Theirs is a love match to be reckoned with”

1812. Clever, strong-willed Vivienne Fox is unexpectedly endowed with riches beyond her wildest dreams when a remote cousin dies, leaving her his fortune. Unwed at twenty-four, Vivienne still hopes the right man is out there, but she despairs of ever finding him, and she is determined that rumours of her new-found wealth be quashed, lest she be courted for her purse rather than her heart.

Renowned rake Lord Alex LeSayres comes to an unpleasant decision after the death of his father. If he is to save their family lands, he must marry a wealthy woman and quickly. Introduced to Miss Fox, his interest is soon piqued. But he must set aside his rising feelings, or else his family will face disaster . . .

REVIEW: Kent England – 1812

Vivienne Fox, age 24, the eldest daughter of the Reverend Ambrose Fox, has become quite wealthy when a distant cousin dies and leaves her a sugar plantation worth a fortune. Never having enjoyed attention from society before, now she is in demand. Even though her windfall is not public knowledge and she wants to keep it that way, there is speculation that she is now a rich heiress.

Angered at this duplicity, she refuses to accept the invitations that start pouring in. In addition, Vivienne states that she does not wish to marry. But her father wants to see her wed and urges her to not make such a hasty decision. Therefore, she feels that if she must wed, she will be the one to choose and propose to the man. So, they depart for London where her uncle, John Howard, can advise her on investing her inheritance. In addition, she and her cousin. Adelaide, will be chaperoning one another for the season. Both women are vastly different in looks and personality.

Alex LeSayres is an Earl who needs to marry a wealthy woman. He is in dire need of money to cover his deceased father’s gambling debts and save the family estate. Therefore, he and his brother Dominic decide that Alex will head to London for the season in search of a wealthy bride to become the new Countess LeSayres. His requirements for a bride are numerous.

Alex and Vivienne knew each other as children. She used to hang around with the boys and one day, Alex threw her in a pigsty. After that, he kissed her and promised to marry her only to never see her again…until now during season.

When Alex and Vivienne see one another again, they enjoy each other’s company. While Vivienne continues to keep her inheritance a secret, there is gossip saying that she is, indeed, an heiress.

However, she has to put up with coarse insults from her cousin and aunt. This is difficult for her but she works hard to persevere. Some of the men she meets are quite crude in the way they approach her asking her to marry them to which she responds with a NO! When asked if she is an heiress, she denies it. Some of these men are desperate for a wealthy woman to marry and will stop at nothing to get her to marry them.

When she receives a summons from home that her father is ill, she leaves immediately only to be attacked by a man who wants her money and is trying to make her marry him. When Alex finds out that she has been injured and rushes to her side, he asks her to marry him, but she refuses. How long can she avoid her attraction to him and deny their love for one another?

This was a good story. There are lots of humorous and even scary events happening and I’m sure readers will enjoy the book. You will be fascinated with the desperate men after Vivienne and the antics of her cousin and aunt.

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher

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