Book Review

‘A Little Change of Face’ by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

alcof lblSTORY: I need to change my life.

On the surface, it doesn’t look too bad.

Great body, check. Pretty face, check.
Job, check.

Chicken pox. Check.

Stuck in her Danbury, Connecticut condo in self-imposed exile until she’s contagion-free, Scarlett Jane Stein keeps circling around to a passing comment her friend Pam made: how everything (read: men) comes to Scarlett just because she’s attractive.

Is it true? All her life she’s thought that she was fun to be around, that people liked her. Was it only because she was pretty (say it — because she’s got incredible breasts)? Or is Pam, tired of playing second fiddle, now playing her? All Scarlett knows is that she’s never found the man she believes is out there, her One True Love. So maybe Scarlett needs to change things up.

So it’s goodbye, Scarlett and hello, dowdier, schlumpier Lettie Shaw. And with her new look, new name, new home, and new job, is there a chance that Lettie-nee-Scarlett will find someone who loves her for who she is inside? Or has Scarlett’s little change of face turned into the biggest mistake of her life?

A unique twist on a trading places story in which a beautiful heroine switches places with her dowdy best friend to test the theory that she only got where she is based on her looks.

REVIEW: Scarlett is a pretty woman with a nice figure and a good job and approaching her 40th birthday. She’s never been married and seems content with that. It’s her “friend,” Pam, who tells her she needs to change her looks to make herself appear dowdy and see if men are drawn to her for her looks or for herself.

She agrees and after a lot of hoopla, this “test” is shown to be what one would think: wrong. Hope I’m not giving too much away on this book, but while there were some funny places, the whole book was a bit boring.

Connie for b2b


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