Book Review

‘Finding Infinity’ by Susan Kiernan-Lewis

fi sklSTORY: After losing her husband and launching her only child off to college, Liddy James faces the likelihood of yet another dream deferred, when she opens up a French cupcake bakery in the little town of Infinity, Georgia.

With the possible exception of one very handsome, if enigmatic DEA agent, her arrival from the “big city” of Atlanta is met with a less than hospitable welcome.

(Originally entitled “Life After Paris.”)

REVIEW: Recently widowed, Liddy sold her large home in Atlanta and moved to the small town of Infinity, Georgia. Her original plans and dreams of spending an extended period of time in Paris were dashed when her mother fell and needed to be moved into an assisted living home until she was fully healed.

With her usual optimism, Liddy decides to rent a building and open a French cupcake store called “Le Cupcake.” Baking and decorating cupcakes had always been a passion for her and this seemed like a good way to establish herself in this new town. Unfortunately, it seemed that others thought differently. Even with her advertising, decorating the building and even standing outside with free samples could not bring in any customers.

Liddy had purchased a horse named Sugar when she first moved to Infinity. She kept him in a barn and loved to visit and ride him. It was a hobby that she had always loved and while the purchase of Sugar was an extravagant one, it was something that made Liddy happy. Shortly after moving to Infinity, Liddy met DEA Agent, Tucker.

He also had a horse that he kept at the same stable and they enjoyed riding their horses together. Their attraction grew but was sidelined when Liddy found he was involved with another woman. Along with Liddy’s cupcake business fizzling, things began to happen to her that placed her in great danger.

It appeared that the town of Infinity wanted her gone at any cost. Without giving away too much of this great plot, I found that this novel was extremely well written and Liddy a very optimistic character. I think that anyone will enjoy this terrific novel and not want to put it down until they are finished.

Connie for b2b


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