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‘A Refuge at Highland Hall’ by Carrie Turansky

arahh  ctSTORY: In this third and final book in the Edwardian Brides Series, you’ll be swept away to England and France in 1915 as the Ramsey family and their staff and friends face the dramatic challenges and losses of World War One, yet they also experience the hope and triumph that comes as they put their trust in God to carry them through.

Penny Ramsey helps the family welcome a group of orphaned children to Highland Hall, but she soon discovers caring for them is more difficult than she’d expected. She writes to Alex Goodwin, a daring British pilot, who chases German zeppelins across the sky over the Front Line in France, and longs for the day she will see him again. You’ll be delighted by two pure and heartwarming romances: Penny and Alex, and Lydia Chambers and Marius Ritter, a lady’s maid and a prisoner of war. But most of all I hope you’ll be inspired by the characters’ examples of trusting God through the trials they face.

Fans of “Downton Abbey” will find many of the same elements in this series: A wealthy, aristocratic family living on a large English country estate with romance, conflicts, and family drama; and loyal servants with troubles and heartaches of their own.

REVIEW: 1915

Penelope (Penny) Ramsey is nursing her broken heart when the man she loved, Theo Anderson, said that he had fallen in love with a French woman and wanted to marry her. Such is the pain that many people are facing during this terrible war time.

Penny’s sister, Kate, is married to Jon Ramsey who is a doctor working on the war-wounded soldiers that have been sent to London. Kate is the cousin of Sir William Ramsey, Baronet of Highland Hall who is married to, Julia, the former governess of his children Andrew and Millie. After losing his wife, William hired Julia to teach his children. He then fell in love with her and married her. Afterward, they adopted a number of children who did not have a family. Thus, Highland Hall is filled with the sounds of happy children.

As the war is calling more men to the battlefields, Jon Ramsey and Sir William have decided to stay in London where Jon can treat his patients and William can keep his finger on the pulse of the events of the war. Thus, they have sent their wives, children and other family members to live at Highland Hall where they will be safe. Alex Goodwin is a friend of both Jon and Julia. A pilot, he recently crashed his plane and was treated by Jon. Soon, he will be heading back to the battlefields. He has met Penny and the two of them have formed an immediately friendship. As Alex does not have a loving and close family, Penny has promised to write to him and pray for him.

After having two failed pregnancies, Julia wants nothing more than to have a baby of her own. Kate is expecting and is having a difficult pregnancy. She is much larger than she should be for the stage of her pregnancy and the women do all they can to see that she rests.

The women care for the children at Highland Hall making sure that they receive the teaching that they should, in addition to enjoying organized activities outside.

We see that the downstairs workers do all they can to maintain things as they always have been at the Hall. With the shortage of certain items, that is not always easy.

The book intertwines many different stories with each of the characters that makes for very intriguing and wholesome reading. I was extremely impressed with the descriptions of the battles that were fought and even the obviously precise research that the author has done to detail the planes and cities involved in the fighting.

This is Book 3 of the Highland Hall Series. Book 1 is “The Governess of Highland Hall” and Book 2 is “The Daughter of Highland Hall.” Downton Abbey fans will love this trio of novels.

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