Book Review

‘The Perfect Fiancé’ by Bianca Blythe

tpf bbSTORY: Rosamund Amberly is ecstatic.

And soon, she’s certain, she’ll start feeling the emotion.

Rosamund prides herself on her matchmaking skills. After meeting Marcus Worthing, Earl of Somerville and her older sister’s childhood best friend, she knows she’s found the perfect fiancé . . . for her reclusive sister.

If only she weren’t spending so much time thinking about the man.

REVIEW: Yorkshire – 1814

Marcus Worthing, the sixth Earl of Somerville, is staying at the home of Sir Seymour, Baron of Elm Hall, and heir to Cloudbridge Castle. Marcus is out looking for a quiet spot to sit and simply enjoy nature and do some bird watching. The man is a scientist and has written a book on zoology.

But, his respite is disturbed not only by Sir Seymour who is out shooting, but he also spies a young lady running through the forest. Fearing she could get accidentally shot, Marcus chases and stops her. Although she is taken aback by him grabbing her, she is also grateful for his help when he explains why he detained her.

The young lady is Rosamund Amberly and is the niece of Sir Seymour. As it turns out, Rosamund and Marcus remember playing together when they were children.

Rosamund fancies herself a matchmaker. She has a pamphlet entitled “Matchmaking for Wallflowers” and is happy that she has matched up six couples so far and is looking forward to matching up more. Rosamund has decided that Marcus would make an ideal husband for her sister, Fiona. But the hard part will be in getting Fiona interested in even seeing Marcus. Fiona has stated many times that she is not interested in marriage.

Rosamund schemes to plan a play for them to act in hoping to bring Fiona and Marcus together. Neither are interested, but agree to participate.

But Rosamund soon learns that she cannot “dictate” whom one will fall in love with. Will her plans come to naught or will she find a different ending?

A clever little novella that is story number 3 of the Matchmaking for Wallflowers series.

Complimentary copy provided by the author

Connie for b2b


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