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‘Always Forever’ by Maureen Driscoll

af mdSTORY: Lady Rose Emerson has been in love with Nate Gage, the Marquess of Grayson, for most of her life. She is determined to marry the man, but he’s doing everything he can to keep her at arm’s length for her own protection.

Home Office operative Nathaniel Gage is waging a war against the man he believes is the head of a murderous blackmail scheme — his father, the Duke of Bancroft. The last thing he can afford to do his follow his heart. But how can he resist his true love, Rose Emerson?

Can Rose and Nate find love while in the midst of a deadly battle? (Yes. They can.)

REVIEW: Ms. Driscoll’s stories have grabbed  me ever since her debut and I can see her growth as a writer with each book she’s done. Rose and Nate’s story has been long anticipated from us, hard core Emerson fans and I have to say, it is everything I’ve hoped for and then some.

With this last story in the Emerson series Ms. Driscoll had definitely outdone herself. The characters are well flashed out and the plot moved the story in a steady pace. The mystery kept me turning the pages and the paranormal bit added to the story an element of surprise every time one of the ghosts appeared.

I also loved the prose and as always, the dialogue is superb. The conversation between Colin and Rose brought me to tears.

“Rose, if you have changed your mind, if you do not wish to marry Nate and take on this life, you can call a halt to these proceedings. Even if it is only temporary until matters are settled with his father.  Nate will understand and the rest of us are selfish enough to want you to remain.  But if your only hesitation is that you do not wish to leave us, that is not sufficient reason to delay your destiny.  For while you may be moving, you will always have a home with us.  You will always be in our hearts.  If you change your mind, make it because you do not wish to go, rather than you cannot bear to leave.”

Let me tell you. I loved, the “romantical” scenes between Nate and Rose. They were sweet, sensual and fun. Their passion was palpable and jumped off the pages.

And then we have the “visits” to the past characters which were charming, funny and fulfilling.

If you’ve never read Ms. Driscoll’s work, you’re missing on a lot of fun,  entertaining and interesting stories. I highly recommend you pick up ‘Always True to Her’ which is FREE right now and find out what I’m talking about.

Melanie for b2b

Complimentary copy provided by the author


1 thought on “‘Always Forever’ by Maureen Driscoll”

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so grateful for the day I found your blog. I’ve learned so much from you and your reviews. And it show in this book. Thank you for everything.

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