Book Review

‘Three Weeks To Wed’ by Ella Quinn

twtw eqSTORY: Lady Grace Carpenter is ready to seize the day—or rather, the night—with the most compelling man she’s ever known. Marriage would mean losing guardianship of her beloved siblings, and surely no sane gentleman will take on seven children not his own. But if she can have one anonymous tryst with Mattheus, Earl of Worthington, Grace will be content to live out the rest of her life as a spinster.

Matt had almost given up hope of finding a wife who could engage his mind as well as his body. And now this sensual, intelligent woman is offering herself to him. What could be more perfect? Except that after one wanton night, the mysterious Grace refuses to have anything to do with him. Amid the distractions of the Season he must convince her, one delicious encounter at a time, that no obstacle—or family—is too much for a man who’s discovered his heart’s desire…

REVIEW: Leicestershire, England – 1815

Lady Grace Carpenter, age 25, lives at Stanwood Hall, and is traveling home after a brief visit to a friend when she is forced to stop at an inn due to a severe storm. As it began as a short trip, she has not taken her lady’s made with her. When the storm brings another person to the inn seeking shelter, Grace is surprised to find that it is Mattheus (Matt) Earl of Worthington, whom she has not seen in 4 years. She had fallen in love with him during her first season. She invites him to join her for dinner in her private parlor, even though it is quite improper for them to be alone together. Although she knows who his is right away, he feels she looks familiar but cannot remember her name.

As they chat, he becomes quite intrigued by her and their dinner together is excellent. Knowing she shouldn’t, Grace cannot resist the attraction she feels toward Matt which leads to them kissing. Matt restrains himself from going further. Grace is determined to taste love and goes to Matt’s room. After a night of bliss, Grace thinks he could never truly love her, so she flees. But Matt has fallen for her and not knowing her name, he doesn’t know how to find her.

Grace has been the caretaker for her 7 younger siblings since her parents passed away and she has vowed that she will continue to be responsible for them for another 5 years, until her younger brother and heir is old enough to take over the guardianship of the children. Now, they are off to London where her aunt will be sponsoring her sister, Charlotte, for her season.

Matt is hurt when he finds Grace gone and no way to find her. Back home, he talks to his stepmother, Lady Worthington, who, from Matt’s description is sure she has seen her. He is then heading to town for his sister, Louisa’s come out. Determined to find Grace, Matt is finally successful in doing so. He asks her to marry him and she agrees. However, he will then be the guardian to her 7 siblings and 4 of his own siblings. To prevent any gossip, they decide to wait for 3 weeks before the wedding.

There is much discussion as to how they will combine their homes and where each of the children will sleep. It is a wonderful thing that Matt loves children as much as Grace does and their future looks good. Oh, but there is trouble lurking in the background that could blow their plans to pieces.

Will they be able to finally wed, keep the children all together and find their happy ever after?

I enjoyed this novel very much. It’s a bit different from the usual story that surrounds just the hero and heroine. This story adds family to it all and how sensitive both of them are to the children which shows what good parents they will always be. How refreshing to read a novel that expresses the importance of family for a change.

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher

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