Book Review

‘The Wicked Widow Meets Her Match’ by Stefanie Sloane

twwmhm ssSTORY: Though resolute and driven by nature, dedicated spymaster Langdon Bourne has lost his way. Even his passion for his secret organization, the Young Corinthians, has waned—until he is assigned a mission with the potential to finally bring about the peace that has eluded him for nearly two decades. But to eliminate a brilliant, dangerous nemesis, Langdon needs the help of a woman whose loyalties are most uncertain.

Grace Crowther ignores the rumors that persist after the death of her husband, a merciless doctor who won her in a card game. Is she truly the black widow that many believe? One look at her angelic face and one glimpse into her heavy heart tells Langdon all he needs to know about Grace—and his own deepest desires. He needs Grace, if he’s to have any chance of tracking down the leader of the nefarious gang known as the Kingsmen. And he wants her desperately, enough to forget the rules of a good spy and take risks no ordinary man would dare. For Grace has no reason to trust Langdon, or to help him. But somewhere deep inside she knows that he is the answer to her prayers.

REVIEW: I loved every book in this series and this one is no different. For the longest time I wondered who will end up with this hero and I was pleasantly surprised at this pairing.

The heroine was vulnerable, yet strong and brave. The hero was noble and as much vulnerable as the heroine. Together they made a perfect couple and an interesting duo who pulled together in order to put a stop to a formidable villain.

If you’re looking for a fast paced, well written and entertaining romance with a surprising mystery element, this is definitely it. Be warned though. If you’ve not read the previous books in this series, I think you might be a bit lost in regards to the back story of the hero. The book is structured to stand alone but I found that not reading the previous books would have put me at a disadvantage.

Melanie for b2b


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