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‘The Vicar’s Frozen Heart’ by Karyn Gerrard

tvfh kgSTORY: His heart begins to heal…

He gave her shelter from the storm, nursed her back to health, just as any good man might do for a damsel in distress. But Tremain Colson is more than just a small town vicar performing a gallant duty. He’s an ex-soldier whose spirit has been ravaged by war, a nobleman hiding his aristocratic heritage. Yet despite his secrets, he cannot help but feel drawn to the fallen beauty and soon asks her to stay and care for the orphan in his charge…

And hers is lost…

Disgrace sent Eliza Winston out into the world, a governess in ruin. But once she finds herself in Tremain’s home—and in his bed—she realizes her handsome rescuer is the one in need of healing. No sooner does Eliza thaw the vicar’s heart than she realizes her own is in danger. For Tremain is not only the man she dreams of marrying, but a blueblood whose noble birth makes him an impossible match…

REVIEW: Yorkshire – 1882

Eliza Winston is a young woman who has just lost her position as a governess when her brief relationship with a son of the house was discovered. Having been brought up in an orphanage, she has no family to turn to. When the family puts her in a coach to send her off to another town, a man on the coach beats, robs, and throws her off into the snow abandoning her.

Tremain (Trey) Colson suffered many injuries in the war. He now earns his livelihood as a vicar and prefers his single, quiet life. One night, he hears a noise outside and discovers a young woman lying in the snow unconscious. Even with his weak and painful leg, he manages to carry her inside the vicarage and tends to her injuries.

When Eliza regains consciousness, she is surprised at the handsome and young vicar who has been caring for her. They are both attracted to one another and Trey realizes he must get her out of his home as soon as possible before gossip starts. Thus, he gets her a job as a bar maid working in a pub. A bit of a comedown from her job as a governess, at least her employers are very kind.

Eliza is very curious about Trey. It appears that he assists in handling the affairs of the mysterious Viscount Hawkestone, son of a wealthy duke. Trey is perceived as a cold man but he can be warm and kind. He is plagued with pain from his leg injury and his terrible memories and nightmares of the war. He finds himself drawn to Eliza.

When a young boy in the area is orphaned, Trey moves him into Hawkestone Estate and hires Eliza to be his governess. As we have guessed by now, Trey is Viscount Hawkestone and has chosen his subterfuge as a penance for the vile things he was forced to do during the war to stay alive.

Will there be a future for Trey and Eliza? Will Trey be able to open up and tell the truth about his real background?

This is a nice romance but I felt the sex scenes were a bit over the top. However, I’m sure there are readers who will really like that.

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher

Connie for b2b

REVIEW: This is the second book in the Hornsby Brothers series, but if you haven’t had a chance to read the first one, have no fear, it can easily standalone.

Now, let me tell you why you’ll love this story.

If you’re looking for a story that has two really strong and complex leads, this is the book for you.

If you’re ready for a romance of two people that are encumbered with a lot of baggage, you can’t miss this story.

If you’re looking to exit Regency society and enter Victorian, by all means get this book.

And if you’re itching to read a story with a lot of “feels” that will have you tear up, then just go get it! I promise you’ll love it!

Melanie for b2b

Complimentary copy provided by the author


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