Book Review

‘The Infamous Heir’ by Elizabeth Michels

tih emSTORY: The Spare Heirs Society Cordially Invites You to Meet Ethan Moore: The Scoundrel

Lady Roselyn Grey’s debut has finally arrived, and of course, she has every flounce and flutter planned to perfection…that is, if the brother of the man she intends to marry doesn’t ruin everything first.

Ethan Moore is a prizefighting second son, and that’s all he ever should have been. But in an instant, his brother’s noble title is his, the eyes of the ton are upon him, and the lady he’s loved for years would rather meet him in the boxing ring than the ballroom.

He’s faced worse. With the help of the Spare Heirs Society, Ethan’s certain he can get to the bottom of his brother’s unexpected demise and win the impossible lady who has haunted his dreams for as long as he can remember…

REVIEW: England 1817

Ethan Moore is a good boxer and uses this talent to pay for his daily needs. His older brother, Trevor, Lord Ayton strives to be perfect just like his father was. Ethan left home at age 19 after hitting his father. He had been at odds with him. There had also been a scandal involving their mother which resulted in her abandoning them. Their sister, Katie, lives in her own cottage on the estate. A blunt young woman, she chooses to live life her own way. The family has made its money in the jet mining business. But now, Ethan has returned to town.

Lady Roselyn Grey is the daughter of the Dowager Duchess of Thornwood Manor. Their property borders on the property of the Moore family called Ormesby Place. Roselyn and the Moore siblings have been friends since childhood.

Roselyn and her mother are invited to Ormesby Place for a few days. It is assumed that Trevor will be asking for Roselyn’s hand. As she arrives, she meets Ethan after not having seen him for some time. Their banter leaves both of them laughing. But Roselyn is rather taken aback when Trevor does propose to her in an off-putting, cold manner which leaves Roselyn puzzled as to whether or not their’s would be a good marriage. Since she and Ethan have been friends since childhood, she approaches him and asks for his advice about the marriage.

But when Roselyn, Trevor, and Ethan are out walking the next day, Trevor is stabbed and falls into a mine shaft. Roselyn did not see what happened, but turned around and saw Ethan with a knife in his hand. Although he claims that someone else killed Trevor and ran, Roselyn is not convinced that Ethan killed his own brother. Ethan knows that his brother was murdered and realizes that he must have been mixed up in something shady. Thus, he approaches his friends at the Spare Heirs’ Society for their help in finding Trevor’s murderer. Oh but, Roselyn is also determined to find who killed Trevor which mean they spend lots of time together and an attraction sparks.

Will they be able to solve this mystery? What will become of their own attraction?

A nice romance laced with humor plus some dangerous moments as well. Great writing by the author.

Complimentary copy provided by the author and publisher

Connie for b2b


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