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‘How to Handle a Scandal’ by Emily Greenwood

hthas egSTORY: Seven years after fleeing to India brokenhearted, Tommy Halifax returns to be knighted for his service to the crown, and of course he would run into his first love, the more beautiful than ever Eliza Trueheart.

Widowed already, Eliza is no longer a careless flirt—in fact, she spends her time looking out for such wayward young women. She finds Tommy to have become quite the gentleman, too, and she wants to be honest with him, but she can’t decide what’s right: making up for her years as a wanton, or falling willingly into Tommy’s arms…

REVIEW: Elizabeth (Lizzie) Tarryton, age 17, seems to attract mischief and trouble. Her uncle and guardian, Will Halifax, Viscount Gradville, took her on as his ward when her father and mother died from a fever. Lizzie’s former governess, Anna, is now Will’s wife.

Lizzie’s scandals are becoming more numerous. She is not interested in getting married because she enjoys the attention of all men and cannot imagine settling for just one.

Will’s younger brother, Tommy Halifax, age 21, has been a good friend of Lizzie’s and is smitten by her beauty and personality and wants to marry her. So, when the publicly proposes to her, her indifference to marriage takes over and she laughs at him which hurts and humiliates Tommy deeply. That is when he sailed to India.

Six Years Later –

Captain Tommy Halifax has returned to England possessing great new skills and is to be knighted for his service to the Crown.

Lizzie Truehart is now a widow having lost her husband two years ago. She now goes by Eliza and lives in Truehart Manor which she inherited from her deceased husband. She deeply regrets her past behavior toward Tommy and even though she sent him a letter apologizing, she never received a reply. Now that he is back in town, she is not ready to see him again.

Today, Eliza is involved in helping homeless girls by allowing them to stay at the Manor to gain some education, manners, and polish that will help them to get good jobs and stay away from prostitution.

When Eliza happens upon Tommy in the park, he is cordial, but aloof. But in her research to discover what draws her young women to prostitution, she dons a mask and enters a brothel. But meeting Tommy there was not in her plans. Their chance encounter immediately sparks into passion leaving Eliza pregnant. That is when Tommy agrees to marry her and move into the home he has recently purchased. His plan is to return to India soon leaving Eliza to live in England.

How will this marriage work out?

I found this to be a good story but with a bit too many characters and storylines. However, the ending was perfect.

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher

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