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‘Outrageous Confessions of Lady Deborah’ by Marguerite Kaye

ocold mkSTORY: Just who is Lady Deborah?

I am the Dowager Countess of Kinsail, and I have enough secrets to scandalize you for life.

I will never reveal the truth of my soul-destroying marriage—some things are too dark to be told. But at least no one can guess that I, a famously icy-hearted widow, am also the authoress of the shamelessly voluptuous romances currently shocking the ton!

Only now I have a new secret identity, one that I will risk my life to keep—accomplice to Elliot Marchmont, gentleman, ex-soldier and notorious London thief. This adventurer’s expert touch ignites in me a passion so intoxicating that surviving our blistering affair unscathed will be near impossible….

REVIEW: Lady Deborah Napier, the Dowager Countess of Kinsail, has chosen to live a quiet and solitary life in the years since the early death of her husband. The miserly funds given to her from her late husband’s brother are barely enough to keep her. Thus for some time, she has been using her enormous writing talents by penning erotic novels under an assumed name that have been huge sellers especially to matrons and even some men. The novels allow her to release her suppressed sexual fantasies squelched by the coldness and cruelty of her late husband. However, the scars from the mental abuse and degradation inflicted upon her over the years by her late husband are many and run deep leaving her convinced she is worthless as a woman.

Elliot Marchmont, a well-to-do gentleman had been a solider who had witnessed many deaths and severe wounds of his fellow soldiers. His disgust at the mistreatment and abandonment of wounded soldiers has led him to become a skilled thief robbing the very people responsible for the disgusting neglect of these men who have so bravely served their country.

Due to her sleeping difficulties during her annual visits to her late husband’s home, Deborah likes to take late night walks around the grounds. She happens upon Elliot escaping a robbery. Her lack of fear of him and her humor intrigues him. As she was so impressed by Elliot’s successful robbery, Deborah decides to add a fictitious robbery to the novel she is currently writing. Her editor is so impressed with this additions that he tells her she must add even more of these types of events to guarantee that the book will be a huge seller. She contacts Elliot to try and convince him to take her on a robbery with him. While they are both drawn to one another sexually, Deborah will not allow herself to give into her attraction to him. He finally complies with her request to accompany him and they undertake a successful robbery that leaves her feeling invigorated and alive. Thus, with changes to the details of the robbery they commit, she adds more fodder to her novel thus ensuring it will be accepted by her editor and guaranteed to sell many copies.

Elliot is unable to stop thinking of Deborah nor she of him. Thus, he contrives a way to enlist her help with writing about the mistreatment and abandonment of wounded soldiers to bring attention to the situation. With this project for them to undertake, they grow closer and Deborah begins to relax more with Elliot. Finally, the shocking reason for her late husband’s treatment of her is finally revealed which allows Deborah to realize she is not at fault for the treatment inflicted upon her during her sad marriage.

Marguerite Kaye has written a delicious and sexually exciting novel chock full of nail biting, edge-of-the-seat intrigue that will have the reader unable to put the book down as they have to see what happens in the next chapter. The sensitive way Ms. Kaye portrays the mental damage incurred by Deborah and the patience and gentleness with which Elliot helps her to work through and understand the reasons for her late husband’s treatment of her is very touching indeed.

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