Book Review

‘Hotel Vendome’ by Danielle Steel

hv dsSTORY: When Swiss-born Hugues Martin sees a small, run-down hotel in New York for the rough diamond it is, he transforms it into a beautiful boutique hotel of impeccable elegance, run with the precision and attention to detail he learned through his hotelier training in Europe.

Renowned for its unparalleled service, the Hotel Vendôme soon becomes the ideal New York refuge for the rich and famous, as well as a perfect home for Hugues’ beautiful wife and their young daughter. But when his wife tires of his obsession for the hotel, she walks out on him for a notorious rock star, leaving Hugues a single parent to four-year-old Heloise.

Heloise and her family live happily amid a colourful, exciting and sometimes mysterious milieu of celebrities, socialites, politicians, world travellers and hotel employees–and their inevitable intrigues.

As unexpected challenges arise, the hotel is the centre of their world. And when Heloise grows us, she longs to follow in her father’s footsteps and one day run the Hotel Vendôme. The lessons she learned at his side will carry her through it all, in a story no reader will forget.

REVIEW: I have read many of Danielle Steel’s books over the years and agree that she deserves all of the accolades that she has received.

In “Hotel Vendome” divorced owner/general manager Hugues Martin is busy building a world class hotel while caring for and raising his daughter, Heloise. Heloise is fascinated by the hotel and at a very early age learns all of the ins-and-outs involved in running it. Thus, she decides to be like her father and attend hotel school to learn all she can about the business.

Along the journey, Hugues and Heloise find difficulties and triumphs. Although it was a little slow at the beginning, I did enjoy this books very much and highly recommend it.

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