Book Review

‘A Study in Scandal’ by Caroline Linden

sis clSTORY: After a youthful infatuation went terribly wrong, Lady Samantha Lennox gave up all thought of suitors and happily-ever-after. But when she angers her strict and demanding father, the Earl of Stratford, he retaliates by arranging a marriage for her to a man she could never admire, much less love. In a panic, Samantha flees to London, only to find herself lost, alone, and nearly kidnapped—until an unlikely hero saves her.

Lord George Churchill-Gray is an artist, not a knight in shining armor, but he doesn’t hesitate to rescue Samantha from disaster and offer her temporary sanctuary. He wouldn’t mind if she repaid him by modeling for his latest painting. He’s enchanted by her face… her smile… all of her, really. But with every study he sketches, he falls a little more in love with her, and Samantha begins to suspect her scandalous actions might lead to the sort of love she never thought to find…

REVIEW: Lady Samantha Lennox has always feared her father, the Earl of Stratford. An art collector, to the world at large he appears to be a proud man. However, his family knows of his arrogant feelings of superiority to everyone. He is a cruel man with exacting standards, of which few could hope to meet. Samantha, her mother, sisters and brother, Benedict, all lead a life of scrutiny from the Earl as he looks for perfection in all of them.

Sebastian Vane of Stratford Court and a friend of Benedict has always appealed to Samantha. While they had found chances for all of them to play together as children, the Earl found out and put a halt to it. Sebastian’s family fell on hard times due to their father’s folly. Samantha did something brash to help the Vane family, but it only backfired. She now carries the guilt of her deception and the fear of being found out. Now that Sebastian is to wed Miss Abigail Weston, Samantha knows that it is time for her to confess to what she did in the past. She does so only thinking that her father will forgive her. But he does not. Instead, the Earl’s revenge is that Samantha shall wed Philip, the second son of the Marquess of Dorre, who is a man not unlike her own father.

With that knowledge and fear, Samantha decides to try and find her brother Benedict to see if he can help her. In looking for him, a mishap occurs and she is rescued by Lord George Churchill-Gray. He is one of four sons and a very talented artist. He rents rooms in a home where he has a studio with good light for his painting. He then rents a room for Samantha from the landlady. She knows she must return and face her father’s wrath, but she continues to put it off.

George is very kind to her and she becomes involved with his painting. As a way to pay him back for his generosity in helping her, she begins to catalog his work. Spending time together sparks an attraction between them.

But when her father finally finds her, she is in deep trouble with him and he takes her back home.

Will she be made to wed Philip? What about George and the love that has blossomed between them?

This is a sweet love story with a great plot.

Complimentary copy provided by the author

Connie for b2b


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