Book Review

‘Seduced in September’ by Genevieve Turner

sis gtSTORY: Adele Vere is the model of a perfect English governess: docile, good-tempered, and well principled. She’s worked her entire life to keep others from knowing the truth—it’s all a façade. If her origins were discovered, she’d fall too far to ever recover.

No one is more dangerous to her than Edward Coyne, the roguish stable master tasked with her riding lessons. His knowing gaze and bold touches make her suspect that he sees through her lies. When Mr. Coyne surprises her with an audacious offer, she must choose: remain safely behind the walls she’s erected… or dare the fall she so fears in her reach for love.


The duke has died. Long live the duke! The only problem is no one knows who the new Duke of Beckworth is. All of England wonders, but no one more so than the people who depend upon Beckworth for their livelihood. In 1816, a year so cold that the word “summer” is a cruel joke, that livelihood is even more uncertain. However, they are all about to find out, with the duke away, there is nothing more warming than scandal and love…

Book 1: JILTED IN JANUARY by Kate Pearce;
Book 2: FORBIDDEN IN FEBRUARY by Suzanna Medeiros;
Book 3: SEDUCED IN SEPTEMBER by Genevieve Turner;
Book 4: AN AFFAIR IN AUTUMN by Jennifer Haymore;
Book 5: A DUKE BY DECEMBER by Sabrina Darby.

REVIEW: Beckworth Park – 1816

Reginald Tompkins is the Solicitor handling the Beckworth Park estate while the search is on for the heir to the recently deceased Duke of Beckworth.

The Governess, Adele Vere, is currently being kept on caring for the Duke’s ward until it can be determined whether the lad will be sent to school. That decision will have to wait until the new heir is found. In the meantime, the old Duke had said that Adele must learn to ride even though she is not fond of horses. In addition, the Solicitor needs to address the exorbitant cost of maintaining the racing stables which are a part of Beckworth Park.

The Stable Master, Edward Coyne, is good at what he does and is strict in his daily riding lessons for Adele. He literally puts her through her paces each day. Although he appears to be just businesslike, his touch as he helps her up on the horse becomes more intimate. Thrilled by this, Adele is drawn to him.

The entire area has been experiencing a very cold winter which has impacted crops as well. Very few of them can grow in this climate which means food is limited and feed for the horses is very expensive. With no flour for making bread, the tasteless substitute is awful. What Adele would give for some real bread.

One evening, a beautiful loaf of bread appears in her room. The smell and feel of the bread is perfect. While she knows she should share the bread with other members of the household, her hunger takes over and she devours the entire loaf. That’s when she realizes who left the bread for her. This is real seduction.

Is there a possibility of a relationship between Adele and Edward?

I found this story to focus on the downside and misery of current life at Beckworth Park with few upsides to the story.

This is the third book of five in this series.

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher

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