Book Review

‘Marry for Love’ by Christina Courtenay

mfl ccSTORY: Trapped in an intolerable marriage with no escape …
Delilah cannot bear to watch as her twin sister Deborah marries Hamish Baillie, Fourth Earl of Blackwood. Not only because she knows that her conniving sister has manipulated the poor man into marriage, but also because she has been in love with Hamish since she first set eyes on him …

When Delilah makes the ultimate sacrifice to save Hamish from her sister’s clutches, he is grateful – but he can’t help but be suspicious of her motives. Nevertheless, when it appears that Delilah may be cast out, he agrees to help by employing her as a housekeeper at his Scottish residence.

As Hamish spends more time with Delilah, he realises she is sincere. But her scheming twin was never going to let go of the Earl that easily …

REVIEW: Hamish Baillie, fourth Earl of Blackwood, is about to marry Miss Deborah Risden after being tricked by her, via laudanum in his tea, into thinking he had compromised her.

Deborah’s identical twin sister, Delilah (Lilah) Risden, feels sorry for Hamish as he awaits his fate so she stops the wedding by declaring that she had been compromised by him first.

Now free from Deborah, Hamish asks for Lilah’s hand but she refuses saying that she was only trying to save him from her sister’s clutches. However, knowing she needs to get away from her angry family, she accepts Hamish’s offer of the post of Housekeeper in his Scottish home. They then embark on a route to Scotland that will throw off anyone seeking to follow them. The trip is long and not without some harrowing events.

Lilah settles in very well to her new position but finds that some of he other servants try to thwart her authority. But she is stronger than that and things soon calm down.

Ah, but Deborah is a devious one and is still scheming to get back at her sister. The plan she puts into effect is very sneaky. Will she be successful?

I really enjoyed this story. Identical twin stories are always so good because the plot possibilities are endless. I hope others will give it a try as well.

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher

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