Book Review

‘Waltz With a Stranger’ by Pamela Sherwood

wwas psSTORY: One dance would change her life forever…

A man who never expected to inherit. A woman who never expected to wed. A choice that pits their honor against their hearts.

Crippled after a riding accident, Aurelia Newbold shuns Society—until a dashing stranger draws her into a secret waltz and changes her life forever. After a year abroad, she returns home and discovers that the one man she’s been dreaming of is engaged to her beloved twin sister.

James Trelawney is not prepared for the vibrant woman who returns to London in the place of the wounded girl he took pity on—or his growing need for her. But forbidden love is not the only danger…a chilling secret reaches out from beyond the grave, threatening both Trelawney and the woman he loves.

REVIEW: Aurelia and Amelia Newbold are wealthy American twins in London looking for husbands with a title. They are identical blondes with blue eyes…with one exception. Due to a horse riding accident, Aurelia has been left with a limp from a broken thigh and a scar on her face. After her accident, her American boyfriend dumped her.

During a ball and tired of being pitied, she is discovered in the conservatory by James Trelawney. He sees her swaying to the music and asks her to dance. Although fearful of stumbling, she reluctantly agrees. They waltz and he gently steadies her to maintain the steps. They then part but she never forgets him.

Realizing that she wants to be able to walk better, she spends some time in France getting physical therapy and exercise instructions from a doctor and tips from a French woman on how to use cosmetics, hairdos and jewelry to draw the eye from her scar. Back in London, she discovers that her sister, Amelia, is now engaged to James. Realizing that her love with James can never be, Aurelia works to maintain just a friendship with him.

Will Aurelia find love with another man? Will Amy and James marry and live happily ever after? Oh, there are lots of twists and turns to read yet before the answer is revealed.

I absolutely loved this novel! Pamela Sherwood writes with a flow that keeps the reader’s interest all the way through. This is a very talented author with a great future ahead of her. I cannot wait for her next novel!

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