Book Review

‘To Catch a Rake’ by Sally Orr

tcar soSTORY: George Drexel is chased by ladies who desire to have their initials inscribed in future editions of his scandalous handbook, The Rake’s Field Guide. Meta Russell, however, is furious when initials similar to her sister’s is included, resulting in the cancellation of her sister’s engagement.

To help Meta and get revenge, her friends pen their own field guide about London’s rakes and include the initials “G.D.” The scandal damages George’s reputation and hinders his abilities as an engineer to obtain public contracts. So George sets out to convince Meta to destroy all copies of the ladies field guide. Quickly learning how hotheaded and passionate Meta can be, George must prove just how persuasive a true rake can be.

REVIEW: London – 1825

George Drexel is the author of “The Rake’s Handbook: Including Field Guide.” The book details the bedroom antics of certain women around town distinguished only by their initials. They are also listed under different categories such as “Wilting Flower”, “Happy Goers”, etc. This book has been a big seller. Each day brings women to his door wondering, or hoping, that the initials of women mentioned in the Field Guide could be their own and, if so, that they could be moved to a higher ranking. They then leave their own initials to, hopefully, be included in a projected second edition of the Field Guide.

An engineer of public works by profession, George is working on the design of a tunnel beneath the Thames that, when completed, will speed traffic from one side of London to the other. George is a very intelligent man who is always busy working on his project. However, he allots just a small amount of time each day to allow women to drop by and leave their initials. His housekeeper keeps reminding him that he needs a wife.

George’s parents live with him. His mother has had a stroke which has left her bedridden. Her father spends as much time as he can reading to her and just holding her hand. He loves her deeply.

Miss Lily Broadsham’s fiancee has just broken their engagement and she is devastated. His reason is that her initials have been found in the Field Guide and if word gets out that that could be her, it would not be good for his political career. She turns to her older sister, Meta, a widow, who lives with the family and has assumed responsibility for the house, her younger siblings, and her ailing father, a widower. Upset that her sister, Lily, has been treated unfairly and is innocent, Meta decides to visit George Drexel and ask for an explanation as to why her initials are in the Field Guide. Once there, he assures her that the whole thing is fiction and is meant to be viewed as such although some people like to think that it’s true. While visiting with him, she takes an interest in his engineering career and some of his inventions.

As Meta searches for a way to reunite Lily and her ex-fiancee, she and George continue to see one another. She also offers her support through her women’s groups for his project of building the tunnel beneath the Thames. Although they challenge one another, their talks instill an attraction to each other.

But what happens when the tables turn and some ladies write their own book about men?

This was a good book. The writing was well done and the characters are well-defined. George is a busy man who appears not ready to settle down. Meta is a woman who tends to meddle in people’s business too much.

Do come and read this book. I know you will find it very enjoyable.

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher

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