Book Review

‘Amberwell’ by D.E. Stevenson

a desSTORY: Five young Ayrtons all grew up at Amberwell, playing in the gardens and preparing themselves to venture out into the world. To each of these children, Amberwell meant something different, but common to all of them was the idea that Amberwell was more than just where they lived — it was part of them. Amberwell drove one of its children into a reckless marriage and healed another of his wounds…and there was one child who stayed at home and gave up her life to keep things running smoothly

REVIEW: Amberwell is an estate that was first built near the sea in southwest Scotland. The sheltered corner of land made for mild weather year-round. William Ayrton and his family were the first residents and it passed down to generations who each made improvements to the property.

The current Willam Ayrton family has two sons, Roger and Tom, and three daughters, Connie, Nell, and Anne. Mrs. Ayrton believes that the boys should go off to school as early as possible and the girls are to be taught at home by Miss Clarke who comes in every day. Nannie is there to care for the three of them and the girls are very close. They rarely see their parents which means that their world consists of the schoolroom upstairs.

As the children grow, World War II approaches. Roger joins the military as does Tom. The three girls have been so sheltered all their lives so they have no real urge to grow up and move on. They are happy to just stay together in their beloved home of Amberwell.

The story is quite lengthy and follows the brothers as they go to war and each of the girls as they face their own future.

This is a totally fascinating book and the stories of each of the siblings grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. I don’t know when I’ve read such a good saga. I highly recommend this book to everyone. It’s fabulous.

Connie for b2b

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher


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