Book Review

‘Flowers for Lilian’ by Anna Gilbert

ffl agSTORY: Deadly Secrets

Something strange was going on in the sunlit village of Asherby Cross… something that had transformed Maggie Ossian’s golden, caregree friend Lilian into a haunted creature of midnight secrets and dark, seething passions. No one else was truly aware of Lilian’s odd behavior – her mysterious nocturnal disappearances – not even her handsome cousin Francis, whom Maggie had adored since childhood. But when tragedy shook the town, Maggie made an even more shocking discovery – a discovery she dared reveal to no one… until an oddly familiar stranger appeared in Asherby and Maggie found herself trapped in a web of intrigue… an evil garden of sin and seduction where the seeds of revenge took root and deadly desires grew….

REVIEW: Lilian and Maggie have been close friends all during their childhood. Their mothers grew up together and now they enjoy spending their childhood summers out in the country and away from the city.

Lilian has always been plagued by attacks that cause her to have difficulty breathing. Everyone has been cautioned to never upset her in any way. Thus, she tends to be spoiled and selfish needing to have things her way.

Their friend, Francis, has always been close to the girls. His goal has always been to care for Lilian.

Now that Maggie is seventeen and heads for her summer getaway with her mother, she is happy to find that Lilian seems to have matured. Francis is now working with the grandfather’s firm. Thus, they have all grown up.

When Maggie discovers Lilian kissing a married man, she is shocked. While Maggie does not expose her, Lilian lets her know that she better keep quiet. Maggie realizes that Lilian has always used her health to manipulate people and as a way to get attention. Everyone must strive to keep Lilian happy.

The wife of the man Lilian was kissing discovers his unfaithfulness. Her baby is weak and sick and when he dies, she allows herself to die too. Sick with guilt and grief, the husband hangs himself. The only person left in the family is a young girl named Jael. Thus begins a tangle of lies, fears, and revenge.

Lilian’s mother having been widowed, remarries and sails for India. This leaves only Lilian and her grandfather. Lilian’s demands that changes be made to the house that disrupts the life of others, causing numerous problems.

We meet other members of the town who intertwine with Lilian and Maggie. Little by little, secrets come out and Maggie realizes that Lilian is not the person she thought she was. But as terrible events occur, she soon realizes that not everyone is who she thought they were.

This is a dark novel. While the story was intriguing, it leaves the reader with a feeling of wondering who’s guilty of what.

Connie for b2b

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher


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