Book Review

‘Her Bodyguard’ by E. E. Burke

hb eebSTORY: For America “Amy” Langford, investing in the Border Tier Railroad isn’t about chasing riches. The savvy businesswoman is after bigger stakes: influence, respect, success her father didn’t live to see.
Rioting settlers and underhanded competitors can’t stop her, but a killer might. When a stranger comes to her rescue, she trusts her instincts and hires him as her bodyguard.

Buck O’Connor has put his violent past behind him, but being a wanted man dictates a life of deceit. So what’s one more lie? He becomes Amy’s protector so he can secretly thwart her railroad’s progress to help his cousin avoid financial ruin. A great scheme—until he falls in love.

While Buck hides his true purpose, Amy lies to herself about her growing feelings for her bodyguard. But the price for deceit is steep, and secrets from the past could destroy their future, if they survive.

REVIEW: I read this book awhile back and apparently never reviewed it. Does that happen to you?

What I love about this and all other books by this author, is her seamless blend of immaculate research and storytelling.

The story of Buck O’Connor sounds and feels very real and tangible. It brings to life what men were made of back then and why they fought so hard to protect it.

Amy Langford, was a woman that had worked just as hard to achieve not just her goals in life but to help women and men of her community.

When these two meet, it’s not just the sparks that fly!

If you’re a fan of ‘Hell on Wheels’ you’ll love and appreciate this story. It’s pure, unadulterated adventure with plenty of romance and intrigue.

Melanie for b2b

Complimentary copy provided by the author


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