Book Review

‘Augusta’s Charm’ by Valerie Holmes

ac vhSTORY: Augusta Harrow does not like her stepfather, Cornelius James Harrow, and the feeling is entirely mutual. Now with her beloved mother gone, he is all she has in the world. But that is about to change. Ordered to be his hostess one evening, Augusta thinks she is in for a boring party. But instead she finds herself surrounded by men, as her stepfather has decided it is time to marry her off. Augusta is horrified, but what’s a girl to do?

The very next day she finds herself in an elegant carriage, being whisked away to the home of Benjamin Blood with her young housemaid Patience in tow. Augusta thinks the exotic looking man is to be her husband, but he tells her she is to be governess to his daughter Molly, and that they will soon be leaving for the Colonies. Augusta barely has time to grasp what is happening when they arrive at Blood’s home. Wandering among the arches and long, dark corridors of Benjamin’s home, she overhears the cook making some strange comments to men hidden in the shadows.

When she tells Benjamin, he pulls out two pistols and then kisses Augusta passionately. Then they turn to see the servants have pulled out their own guns. Augusta has always craved adventure, but this was beyond anything she had ever imagined.

Augusta, Benjamin and Patience race through the darkness, fleeing white slavers and men bent on revenge, as Augusta learns that her stepfather was not the man she thought he was, and Benjamin Blood might be more man than she can handle.

REVIEW: When Augusta questions her stepfather, Cornelius James Harrow, as to why she cannot go out riding, he informs her that she is to spend the day preparing to act as his hostess for dinner that evening. She is unhappy with his treatment of her and is at a loss to understand what her now deceased mother ever saw in him.

Her maid, Patience, helps her prepare and dress for the evening. She soon discovers that the dinner guests are all men who have been invited as possible suitors for her. Angered at being essentially auctioned off to the highest bidder, she lashes out at her stepfather/guardian declaring that she will not allow this. When he informs her that he has chosen a man for her to wed right away, she is devastated. She has been betrothed to Benjamin Blood. A handsome man, he is rather arrogant with her.

As Augusta packs her bags, she is relieved to find that she will be able to take her maid, Patience, with her. As they depart in the carriage, Benjamin informs her that she will not wed him, but instead will act as governess to his daughter, Molly. He also tells her that he has booked passage for them to Australia.

When they arrive at the coast to prepare for their journey, the servants dwelling in Benjamin’s home are not known to him. Thus begins a game of cat and mouse to escape bad people after Benjamin.

This book started off well but became very confusing as to why Benjamin was being chased. The details were difficult to follow. Thus, I can honestly say I did not enjoy his book. However, I do hope that other readers will like it.

Connie for b2b

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher


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