Book Review

‘MacKinnon’s Hope: A Highland Christmas Carol’ by Tanya Anne Crosby

mh tacSTORY: The MacKinnon’s Bride Missing Epilogue

Eleven years later, Hugh FitzSimon is a broken man. He is forsaken, alone, a wretch left to wallow in his grief. A scrooge to rival Ebeneezer, Hugh is visited by the ghost of his dead wife, who has come to reveal what life has been, what it could be, and where he will end if the candle burns out before he’s made amends.

For years fans have asked for a MacKinnon’s Bride epilogue and here it is, a short story to lend a little cheer for the holidays.

REVIEW: Love, love, love! I feel as we have completed the circle and my heart feels warm and satisfied. We’ve been revisited by favorite characters and some have even found their peace and happy endings that have been a long time coming.

Hugh found his forgiveness and Constance, who has been a favorite of mine from the moment her tiny, free spirited, toes touched the pages of Tanya’s stories, has found her happy destiny. One of my very favorite quotes from The MacKinnon’s Bride makes an appearance that left me sitting here with a silly grin on my face. “Catching glowworms perchance?” … this is, for me, the quote that starts the story of Page and Iain so when I read it within these pages, I felt we had came full circle.

Thank you, Tanya, for giving us this missing epilogue! I’ve been drawn to your writing for what seems like forever and you never fail to move me with your stories.

Leah for b2b


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